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2-Year Study Finds Possible Cell Phone Danger To Brain
By Victoria Fletcher
Consumer Correspondent

source: http://www.rense.com/general26/2yrs.htm

Radiation from mobile phones causes changes in the brain which could pose risks to health, an authoritative two-year study has concluded. In ground-breaking research on the effects of radiation on the brain - which has for the first time used human cells rather than rats - scientists found that even low-level emissions from handsets affects cells.

They believe the changes could disable a safety barrier in the body which is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood. The scientists are now calling for further research to discover how important the effects on health might be.

The study, conducted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland, found that exposing human cells to one hour of mobile phone radiation triggered a response which normally only occurs when cells are being damaged. This led the cells which make up blood vessel walls to shrink, allowing tiny molecules to pass through into brain tissue.

The report's conclusion warns: "The possible RF-EMF (radiation-induced breakage of the blood-brain barrier), if occurring repeatedly over a long period of time, might become a health hazard because of the possible extra-capillary accumulation of molecules that might cause brain tissue damage."

The study is a an important step forward in mobile phone research because it has proved biochemical changes, which were found to occur in rats, also occur in human cells. Scientists now need to discover how the human body reacts to such changes and whether it can cope, or if there are serious health threats.

Professor Darius Leszczynski, who will present the research at a conference in Canada this month, said he could confirm that radiation from mobile phones does affect the delicate make-up of human cells. "We have shown there are biochemical changes in human cells," he told the Evening Standard. "Other studies in animals have shown this can lead to a leakage in the blood brain barrier. "So what I believe is that we will find these leaks occur in humans too. What we do not know is the extent of these leaks and whether they have an effect on our health. "Our bodies may be able to cope with it so there will be no risks. But it could be found that, over time, the effects on health could be much more significant."

Two years ago, a government inquiry into mobile phones led by Sir William Stewart concluded there was no evidence of a risk to health. But he advised that caution is taken over the use of mobiles by children until more evidence on the impact on health is gathered.

Despite multi-million pound research across the world since then, the effects of long-term use still remains unclear. But recently, a handful of studies have begun to raise questions over safety. A survey of 11,000 people in Sweden and Norway found that many suffer from headaches and tiredness after using the gadgets.

Another study, by Swedish cancer specialist Lennart Hardell, suggested that using the old analogue mobiles, popular in the early Nineties, increased the risk of cancer. His research is now at the centre of a lawsuit in the US. Judges are deciding whether it provides enough proof of a link between cancer and mobile phones for claimants to take manufacturers to court.

However, the growing body of research on mobiles and health is leading some countries to consider action. China is debating whether to force phone companies to reduce the levels of radiation. British experts said last night there was no need for panic. They insisted that more research was needed.
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Informant: Hans Karow

Re: Kids and Chemicals

Dear Klaus,

The problem in Fallon NV, is two fold, first is the normal high concentration of arsenic in the towns water system. The second part is the "NEW HIGHER LEVELS" of Radiation from the F-14 and F-18 fighters Target Acquisition Radar's. This happens when the fighters return to the Fallon Navel Air Station.

The resonate impedance of the children's aura's are being overpowered with the 100-200 fighters per day.

The F-14 and F-18 fighter planes have a powerful Phase Array Radar's that can track 8 targets at the same time up to 65 miles. The children of Fallon have never experienced this much radiation until the installation of the Top Gun Club at Fallon Navel Air Station. The installation of the Top Gun Club tracks with the Leukemia outbreak.

Once you understand that each of the children's 65 trillion electrical cells are nothing more then independent small computers operating at -60 to -70 Mil volts. Then you can understand what damage the high level of radiation from the fighters can do to there cells.

Dr. Henry Lai, says that the adults aura resonant absorption rate of frequencies is around 78 MHz. My attached Fallon Report and The Human Bodies Electrical Operation report are FYI
Regards Del..


The following areas of extended research are for your consideration.

1. Check the AN/AWG-9 Target Acquisition Doppler Radar that is used on the F-14 Tomcat and AN/APG-71 that is used in the Super Tomcat F-14D. The following operational parameters of the above Target Acquisition Doppler Radar's should be checked: Frequency of Radiated Power, Output Power of the Final Power Amplifier, Gain And Radiation Pattern of the Phase-array antenna, Radar's Effective Isotopic Radiated Power (EIRP) in all modes of operation, and the look up/down angles of The EIRP Radiated beam in the automatic repetition frequency velocity search Mode.

2. Check the AN/APG-65 Target Acquisition Doppler Radar that is used on the F/A-18 Hornet. The same operational parameters should be checked as in step #1.

3. Checking for the 300-500 man made Electromagnetic Radiation Waves inside and outside the homes of ALL afflicted people residing in the Fallon area.

4. Checking for the 25-35 Electrical Electromagnetic Flux fields inside and outside the homes of ALL patients in or near Fallon.

5. Check for the Geopathic Radiation inside and outside the homes of the ALL people.

6. Check for the Earth's 16 Degrees East Magnetic Variation inside and outside of the homes of the ALL people.

7. Check for the close proximity of the Pacific Electrical Transmission lines outside the homes of the ALL people.

8. Check for the close proximity of the LORAN C site that is transmitting the 400,000 watts of power with the identifying Group Repetition Interval pulse group and the 100,000 Hertz pulses which is used by the FAA for a Navigational Aide.

9. Check for the Transmitting Frequency and Effective Isotopic Radiating Power (EIRP) of the Doppler Radar that is at the Fallon Naval Air Station.

10. Check for the local AM, FM, and HDTV stations for circular polarization radiation inside and outside the home of the ALL people.


The Human Bodies "Electrical" operating levels compared to the Cell Towers "Electrical" radiating levels allowed by the FCC

The Human Body possesses an Electromagnetic Energy Field that radiates life forces called the Aura/Corona. The Aura is invisible to the eyesight. The Aura infrared energy fields are generated in the spectrum just beyond the limit of the red portion of visible light. The Aura can be detected with Kirlian Photography. The Aura extends about 2 feet from the body in all directions. All living things on Earth have Aura energy fields.

To understand this problem you should be able to understand the Electrical Energy Fields of the body and how the radiation's effect the cells of your body.
The body separates the Electromagnetic Radiation Waves when they encounter the Aura. The body bends the radiating Electrical Fields as they pass through thebody.
The body passes the radiating Magnetic Fields straight through the body.
The body has the same Magnetic Permeability almost identical to that of air.
The body has about 700 to 35,000 VDC potential on the top of your head.
"Static charge"
The body has about 1-2 Millievolts potential on your skin. "EKG's"
The body has 65 trillion Cells (220 types) that maintain a electrical voltage level of -60 to -70 Millievolts. This is a Power Level of -10 to -11 DBm.

There are four essential nutrients of sodium, calcium, potassium, and lithium electrolyte ions that regulate the electrical charge of our cells at the -60 to -70 Millie volts level.

The body cells may respond to induced current as a signal, lower in intensity yet detectable even through the background noise of the body's natural currents. The body is a good conductor of magnetic and electric currents, because of our Saline body fluid.

The Problem arises when the Aura absorbs the strong radiation from the antennas. The FCC allows our Aura/Corona to be radiated with 1000 Microwatts/cm2. This 1000 Microwatts/cm2 level has radiating power that equals "ONE Mil Watt". "ONE Mil Watt" of power equals ZERO DBm. ZERO DBm equals 225 Mil Volts. These 225 Mil Volts of Polarized and Modulated, Pulsating Digital Radiation are 3 - 4 times stronger then your cells normal operating level of -60 to -70 Mil Volts.

Quote: "Exposure to low radiation doses to the cells can destroy or induce cellular changes that may be detectable clinically only after many years".

The quote is from the Biological Radiation Effect in the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

Microwave ovens in the home operate with UN-MODULATED and UN-POLARIZED RADIATION at 2450 MHz = 2.450 Giga Hz. These radiation wavelengths of 4.8 inches have energies strong enough to cause ionization of your food and your eyes if you watch your food while its being cooked.

Delbert Parkinson
- EMRNetwork Satellite Consultant
9327 Classic Dr. NE
Lacey WA 98516-3191


Campaign at a glance

Mast Sanity's campaign involved a range of tactics to get their view across, some of which are detailed below.

1. Once you have discovered a mast is going to be put up in your area, find out how the planning application is to be dealt with. Many phone masts are simply given permission as a matter of course by council planning departments.

2. If this is the case, you will need to get your local councillor to "call the application in" to ensure it appears on the council's agenda.

3. Get everyone in the area to write letters of objection to the council's planning department and to individual members of the planning committee. Point out concern over potential health risks and how the mast may affect property prices and quality of life in the area. Everyone should also object to the mobile phone operator.

4. Make lots of noise. Form an action group and make contact with a national campaign such as Mast Sanity. Contact your local newspaper, television and radio.

5. Organise a public meeting and, if possible, get your local MP to attend. Print up flyers detailing the application and decorate the area with posters protesting against the mast, with eye-catching slogans.

6. Get a copy of all the application documents from you local planning office.

7. Try to organise a protest on the day before the council meeting and get local media to attend.

8. Do not despair if the decision goes against you - there are other options. Don't take no for an answer.

9. One option is to apply for a judicial review of the council's decision in the High Court. Without legal aid, this can be very expensive, so speak to a solicitor first. But don't waste too much time; you will only have a few weeks to challenge the council's decision. If you do decide to go ahead with court action, there is usually somebody in the local community who will be eligible for legal aid, so you can bring the case in their name.

10. Even when a mast has been built all is not necessarily lost. It is possible to take the mobile phone operator to County Court under Schedule 2 of the 1984 Telecommunications Act. This is a relatively inexpensive option and has been successful in the past. You will need to prove that your property has been adversely affected by the mast. A third, less tried, method is to appeal to the Secretary of State for local government and planning, who has the final say in planning matters.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

Hi Klaus: Have now received word from Cyprus that there were a number of tornados last Tuesday morning and they stretched from Limassol to Larnaca. Estimate of destruction so far: 900 homes damaged and 420 cars wrecked.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

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