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Omega in correspondence during the last days with a victim attacked withmicro waves (excerpts)

Dear Sir,

my life was taken from me in 1987 shortly after I visited and nursed my ill mother in Berlin Germany, the city of my birth. Since 1987 I have been tortured with micro waves, part of my right vocal cords were paralized, I am now sleeping in a faraday cage to escape the constant radiation of ELF/EM waves but it is of little avail.

The electronic bullets fly straight throught the mash wiring, I am under constant surveillance 24/7. My transition into the New year was another hell compliments of the dirty tricks department. I was in purgatory, given the worst type of nightmares artificialy induced. The go into our bodies, mind and soul, suck our energy and leave us barely alive until they pounce on us again and again.

I have a sister in Bonn who screamed at me when I visted her last that noone will believe me, that she knows every second where and how I am and that I have no place to hide from her or run to. I have been with my tent to the Australian Outback, the Costa Rican Rainforest, and every other place to live this hateful prediction down. Unfortuntely it is true. This sister is deeply engaged with the penteconstal church. Today I realize that what is happening to me has been done to another sister (I have four) who used to be a former Lido dancer in Paris. I was an ice skater with the Maxi and Ernst Baier Troupe.

We have been framed, enslaved and all in the name of envy, greed and hate. My Bonner sister insists that she has Personal Power now....

I have tried everything to alert the media, investigative journalists, all in vain, indeed there is no place to run and get help. My poor Ballerina sister gave up. She committed herself. Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Here it is the Mental Health department who would love to lay their hands on the unfortunate victim and their property. Asset stripping is an added benefit and next comes "Behavioral Modifiaction" to strip you of the last spark of life that may be left in you. The Medical Mafia doing what they do best, and all for the almighty Dollar.

Would you happen to know of a country who might give political assylum? Or of anyone for this matter who can help me. Break free from my mind control handlers, torturers.

The street theatre during the day time defies all descriptions. It is an organized conspiracy. Anyone who is not liked can be framed, their character assassinated, tortured and neutralized.

I hope to hear from you and remain with best wishes for the New Year,
Romy Cochran


Yes, I would be ever so grateful if you would happen to know of anyone I can TRUST and who could HELP me expose these criminally insane barbarians.
Much obliged.
Romy Cochran


My left brain is attacked during the night as if someone is going in with a scalpel. There are brain tuners on the market, but everything is a question of finances. And since the bastards can't make me move, they are trying to bankrupt me. Where torture no matter how painful fails, economic sanctions will do. What a world we live in Klaus.


Very important zum Thema "Chemtrails".....population control.....An insult to injury since I have been in Berlin as a small child in the war and have decided then and there, I will never breed...not from egotism but having looked at reality and the horror of what the warriors will do to women and children.....Every female from the age of 8-80 has been raped by our Conquerors......


I have often wondered if all of this horror is not a commercial venture....and one never truly knows who are the good guys, who are the bad?

Coming soon: "A Look at Pain", an interactive Web feature

" I thought that I was going crazy. The period during which I should have healed had passed and my doctor thought I should be better, but I wasn't. In fact, I was getting worse. I began to doubt myself. It was the not knowing Pain demands an explanation". (Catherine - Pain Patient)

Up until the latter half of the twentieth-century chronic pain was generally regarded as a physical affliction. Many people suffer in silence with this devastating condition and often the overwhelming effects render incapacitation to those experiencing chronic pain. For most of us, pain generally subsides once our bodies have healed. Others experience pain daily and the condition is never alleviated, even after the original injury has healed. It is only recently that chronic pain has been considered a disease and today some hospitals treat pain as the fifth vital sign, managing it as they would blood pressure or breathing. Why does chronic pain develop in some people and not in others? And why do we know so little about this disorder? A Disease Called Pain delves into the debilitating and complex condition of chronic pain.

As the documentary reveals, the effects of chronic pain are overwhelming and unbearable. In addition to chronic pain symptoms, sufferers often experience an onslaught of emotional states (feelings of despair, helplessness, sadness, panic, hopelessness and isolation). A Disease Called Pain will examine the personal stories of individuals suffering from the disease, by investigating the effects of this life altering condition.

Catherine, a former teacher, suffers from fibromyalgia. Her condition developed after she was in an automobile accident, altering her body's physical make-up. Chronic pain, fatigue and chemical sensitivity are but a few of the many weakening symptoms Catherine experiences on a daily basis. As we discover, the dramatic effects of the condition have immensely disrupted Catherine's life, leaving her unable to work.

The documentary also investigates the chronic pain of those who are lacking the appropriate communication skills to effectively express their pain - children and newborns.

Nathan, a 13-year-old boy, frequently suffers from neuropathic pain, troubling him since birth, as a result of slipped vertebrae in his back. Nathan's adolescence is disrupted by his unrelenting nerve injury pain.

After sustaining several injuries to his body from a tractor-trailer accident, David was left with very little sensation in his left leg. His condition presented him with a variety of physical challenges and the inability to perform daily tasks.

Dr. Angela Mailis-Gagnon

For the first time, Doctors and Researchers are coming to understand the true nature and complexities of pain. Cutting-edge scientists in chronic pain research include Doctor Angela Mailis-Gagnon, specializing in neuropathic injuries; Doctor Clifford Woolf, examining the relationship between chronic pain and genes. Doctor Patrick McGrath and Doctor Allen Findley, investigate how pain interferes with the brain's ability to process information and Doctor Celeste Johnston's study of facial expressions in infants concludes that while the face of pain is universal, the experience of pain is individual - reaching across all ages and cultures.

Although medical research in the area of chronic pain is still in its infancy here in North America the field is exploding. In the next ten years we may learn as much about chronic pain as we did in the last decade about the brain. A Disease Called Pain will take us on a provocative and timely journey, helping shed light on the dark and uncharted world of chronic pain.

Relevant Links and contacts:

The North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada: www.chronicpaincanada.org/
The Chronic Pain Association of Canada: http://ecn.ab.ca/cpac/
The American Chronic Pain Association: www.theacpa.org/
The International Association for the Study of Pain: www.iasp-pain.org/
Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain: www.istop.org/
Toronto Western Hospital - Comprehensive Pain Program: www.uhn.ca/programs/neuro/pages/pain.html
Wasser Pain Management Centre at Mount Sinai: www.mtsinai.on.ca/wasser/
Centre for the Study of Pain at the University of Toronto: www.utoronto.ca/pain/
Drug Prevention Centre, City of Toronto: www.city.toronto.on.ca/drugcentre/index.htm
The Canadian Pain Society: www.canadianpainsociety.ca

Informant: Robert Riedlinger

Database for entering in health complaints about RF radiation of all types and elf

I have set up a database which is accessable to everyone on the internet for entering in health complaints about RF radiation of all types...and elf. Anyone can enter in a record and view all records. Contact information is not viewable to everyone on the internet...just database administrator. I hope that everyone who is affected will make an entry to strengthen our cause.

Informant: Bob Sklar

Informant: Gotemf

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