28 April 2004
The effects of radiofrequency fields on cell proliferation are non-thermal Different studies and links
- Sianette Kwee
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26 April 2004
Electromagnetics and the Mind
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24 April 2004
Radiofrequencies and Microwaves
- World Health Organization, Publ. 1981, ISBN 92-4-154076-1
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The Korean report : Effects upon health of occupational exposure to microwave radiation
- Robinette, Silverman, Jablon
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24 April 2004
Ethical problems arising when the trail of professional work lead to evidence of serious risk and misrepresentation of scientific judgement concerning human exposures to radar or microwaves
- John R. Goldsmith
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24 April 2004
The Greatest Biological Experiment on Human Beings Ever
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23 April 2004
Investigation of Brain Potentials in Sleeping Humans Exposed to the Electromagnetic Field of Mobile Phones
- Lebedeva, Sulimov, A.V.; Sulimova, O.P., Korotkovskaya, Gailus
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14 April 2004
Report on the International Conference "Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health" in Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 4-12, 2003
- Karl Maret, M. Eng
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Conglomerates of Cancer and other Pathologies next to Antennas of Mobile Telephony in Spain
- Alfonso Balmori Martínez, Biologe
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Microwave bioeffect congruence with schizophrenia
- John J. McMurtrey (Aug. 2002)
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24 March 2004
On the Possibility of directly accessing every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of fundamental Algorithms
Collection of research results (abstracts)
- M. A. Persinger, Laurentian University
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Genetic Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields
Paper presented at the “International Workshop on Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Toxic Agents” in Sinaia, Romania, October 2-6, 2001.
- Henry Lai, University of Washington
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