1 January 2004
Effect of extremely low frequency (ELF) 50 Hz EMF on morphological and biochemical properties of human keratinocytes (HaCat)
- Settimio et al
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30 December 2003
The inadequacy of the ICNIRP Guidelines govering human exposure to the microwave emissions of GSM/TETRA Base-stations
- G J Hyland
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The biggest health scandal ever
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Nine Degrees of Health Hazard for Electromagnetic Radiation emitted in Mobile Telephony
- Miguel Muntané
3 November 2003
RF Radiation Measurements in selected Locations in Kokomo, Indiana
- Bill P. Curry, Gretchen V. Fleming (Aug. 2003)
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1 November 2003
Hypothesis on Neurosomatic Disorders
Workshop on Electrosensitivity (Sept. 2001), Abstracts
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3 October 2003
Effects of Mobile Phone Mast Fields on Well Being and Cognitive Function (TNO-study)
Significant relation between the UMTS fields and well being
- Zwamborn, Vossen, van Leersum, Ouwens, Makel (2003)
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The Microwave Syndrome: A preliminary Study in Spain
- Navarro, Segura, Portolés, Gomez-Perretta, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (2003)
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Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwave from GSM Mobile Phones
Microwaves lead to neuronal damage in rat brains.
- Salford, Brun, Eberhardt, Malmgren, Persson in Environmental Health Perspectives, June 2003
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How Exposure to Base-station Radiation can Adversely Affect Humans
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Nonlinear Changes in Brain Electrical Activity due to Cell Phone Radiation
- Marino, Nilsen, Frilot, Bioelectromagnetics (2003)
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