Trial: Aaronia Spectran
The updated Aaronia high frequency measuring devices Spectran Rev. 3 prove to be even worse in some points than the previous model Spectran Rev. 2.
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15 June 2007
ICNIRP Guideline Critique
Criticism of the proposal to adopt the icnirp guidelines for cellsites in New Zealand
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20 June 2006
Test: High-Frequency Measuring Instruments, Myth and Reality
In the Test: Equipment from Aaronia and Gigahertz Solutions
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7 June 2006
Fraud and deceit by CETECOM
Test report by CETECOM for Aaronia now revealed. Further Comments.
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Study: Subjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations
- Hans-Peter Hutter, Hanns Mooshammer, Michael Kundi, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
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26 March 2006
Cell and molecular biology associated with radiation fields of mobile telephones
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The danger of chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields
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7 November 2005
Is male fertility at stake, can we afford to ignore it?
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16 October 2005
Children and mobile phones
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21 July 2005
Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy
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12 June 2005
Motorola Funded Counter Research on Microwave DNA Damage
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