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Good News, Bad News About Electromagnetic Forces

The US National Foundation for Alternative Medicine on EMFs

Below are excerpts from the 2003 Summer Quarterly Report of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. To read the entire issue, go to:

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Good News, Bad News About Electromagnetic Forces

Countering the Negative Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Over the past few decades, bioelectromagnetic research has increased worldwide due to the increasing exposure of electromagnetic fields (e.g. cell phones, wireless devices, powerlines and the like). This September, NFAM representative Dr. Karl Maret attended a groundbreaking International Conference on Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The conference was held in response to the growing concerns of Kazakhstani scientists and government officials about increased electromagnetic radiation in their environment, especially the high frequency microsurge transients called "dirty power" that are now ubiquitously present in the electrical wiring in homes, schools, offices, and power distribution systems.

Dr. Nakita, Head of the Center for Electromagnetic Field Effect Prevention in Russia, also stressed that there is an urgent need for public health officials, engineers, clinicians and ecologists to work together to find ways to minimize EMF exposure and set safer standards.

The conference presented NFAM officials with considerable confirmation that EMFs can have a significant impact on health, including elevated blood glucose levels, elevated lipid levels, increased neuro-regulatory disturbances, decreased testosterone levels in men, and impacts on the central nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems. In general, it appears that EMF pollution leads to more rapid aging, and the current proliferation of EMFs, especially the increased use of low-level microwave devices such as cell phones, may have important health and socio-economic consequences. NFAM plans to play an important role in this field to help inform the general population about these issues. Please contact NFAM for more information how to protect your family and you from "dirty power."

Message from Sarah Benson, Researcher and Electorate Officer to Senator Lyn Allison, 62 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Phone 61 3 9416 1880, Fax    61 3 9417 1690


VS: Hearing and cancer incidence

Dear Sianette & All

For cancer incidence go to

Cancer Trends During the 20th Century

Örjan Hallberg,a M.Sc.e.e., consultant and Olle Johansson,a Assoc. Professor


Purpose: To review development trends and possible relations between different cancers in Sweden and in other countries to better understand causing mechanisms.

Materials and methods: We used publicly available databases on cancer incidence and mortality to highlight trends and trend breaks. The data were used for correlation studies between different forms of cancers as reported from different counties within Sweden, and from other countries.

Results: Some cancer forms correlate to malignant melanoma while others, like leukaemia, do not relate to melanoma at all. Asthma is a disease that has a sharp trend break just as these cancers show around 1955.

Conclusions: There is a common environmental stress that accelerates several cancer forms such, as colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and malignant melanoma. Every effort should be taken to identify and eliminate this stress.

Just in case you have not read them yet see:

Bypassing Peer Review: Motorola's influence on mobile phone research in Australia


NEWSPEAK: Redefining the Precautionary Principle for the Cellphone Industry



When medical research is not what Bush's God intended

President's Panel Skewed Facts, 2 Scientists Say

By Gareth Cook

The Boston Globe

Saturday 06 March 2004 _say/

Informant: Don Maisch


Speaking about the microwave radiation from one mobile phone

* 6 meters antennas distance

1. Is the “recommendation” from ICNIRP without any scientific demonstration.

2. ICNIRP is a private company.

3. TO REPEAT: “Lying” is to repeat always the same “recommendation” based on the heating of a beg with “sugar - water”.

One base antenna reaches 30 kilometres, and the key health problem is to put the mobile phone close to the brain.

I have experience in public show and I suggest speaking about the microwave radiation from one mobile phone.

Each question about antennas “can be tuned into speaking about the microwave radiation from one mobile phone”, and you will have the experience of nervousness of operators.

Best regards

Dr Miguel Muntané                                                                                              


Microwave risks long known

Documents recently released under the US's Freedom of Information laws show that senior military officials accepted the health dangers of low-level microwaves 25 years ago. These dangers are still denied by the World Health Organisation, the US Federal Communication Commission and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection today. The book Remote Viewing by Tim Rifat and published by Random House at £17.99 reproduces 250 pages of these documents.

(6309) Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy 1.12.99 p7

In 1974 US Army researchers reported that low level microwave radiation (such as that used by mobile telephones) might alter the functioning of the brain/blood barrier. This warning was repeated by Swedish scientists in 1992, who also suggested a potential link with Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. Other research findings include:

  • a 1996 Australian study showing a 2.74 times increase in childhood leukaemia deaths in the vicinity of FM radio transmitters
  • the Swedish Skrunda Radr Study, which revealed impaired academic ability in children, chromosome damage in cows, growth reduction in pine trees and chromosome and reproductive damage in plants within 4 kilometers of a transmitter
  • a 1990 draft report from the US Environmental Protection Agency describing extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields as “probable human carcinogens”. The phrase was removed from the final version but a subsequent report in 1994 also warned of a link between cancer and ELF fields
  • The UK Government now advises that children under 16 years of age should be discouraged from using mobile phones. Their brains are more susceptible to damage because they are still developing and their skulls are thinner.

(6950-52) Holistic Health 1.6.00 p6


Hearing about mobilphones

The organizers have invited the following experts on mobilphones:

  • From tele-industry, health council, Cancer organisation and advisers of the ministry: 8 persons
  • From Sweden, Umeaa 1 person
  • Independent (myself) 1 person

It should be a meeting for MP and ordinary citizens, but 40% of the participants are from industry.

Not surprising.

Sianette Kwee


A Chilling Possibility



A Status Report

From Information Clearing House


Opposition Form to Project-Aqua

Hi All,

Below is a Submission form for OPPOSING Project Aqua.

Please can you:

  1. Consider if it might be helpful for you to submit in opposition to Project Aqua.
  2. Forward it on to anyone who you think might be opposed to Project Aqua. Hard copies of this form have been posted to every household in Waitaki, McKenzie and Waimate Districts so best to forward to people outside those areas.

Submissions relating to Project Aqua close at 5.00pm on Friday 12 March 2004, that is, Friday of this week. It is important that as many people as possible have their say. If you do want to make a submission OPPOSING all the Project Aqua applications, then you may choose to do so by printing the form and adding your signature and contact details in the spaces shown.  While the submission opposes all aspects of Project Aqua it is also a good idea if you add any particular concerns you have to personalise it.

Please remember that for your submission to be accepted it must

  • reach Environment Canterbury by 5.00pm on this Friday.
  • include your name, address and signature, and
  • a copy of your submission must be sent (can be faxed) to Meridian Energy as soon as possible.

You should also indicate if you wish to speak to your submission at a Hearing or not by ticking in the appropriate box. Ministry for the Environment has indicated that Hearings are likely to be in Oamaru. The addresses to send your submissions to are on the form. Environment Canterbury is postfree, but a letter to Meridian Energy is not.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this message from the following groups

* Waitaki River Users Liaison Group

* Save the Waitaki

* Waitaki First Incorporated

Informant: Denise Ward, Christchurch, N.Z.

check out



Weathering the Crisis

An extraordinary new report by an elite Pentagon planning unit calls climate change is a national security threat of the greatest urgency that demands an immediate response.



Over 350 scientists from the world conservation community released a letter to the Bush administration yesterday, protesting a "highly dubious" policy change that could send many endangered species into extinction.


Steal a Tree Go to Jail; Steal a Forest, Meet the President:

The Politics of Timber Theft


Troops get high-tech noisemaker


Revealed: Shocking new evidence of the dangers of GM crops

Genetically modified strains have contaminated two-thirds of all crops in US

Informant: NHNE


Will Global Rules for GMOs Be Too Late?

”No one wants drugs or plastics in our corn flakes,” As activists celebrated the emergence of a strong Biosafety Protocol to control genetically-engineered organisms (GEO) last month, U.S. scientists reported that contamination of GEOs is spreading and might be impossible to stop.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Cancer Promoting Transgenic Rice


Greenpeace: We need you on March 20th

"On February 17, 2003, a front page news analysis in the New York Times described the global anti-war protests as the emergence of 'the second superpower'."

Dear Friends,

We need a few minutes of your time and a few mouse clicks to build a powerful message: the return of the second superpower.

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