Newsletter (07 April 2007)

The DNA could probably be manipulated by electro-magnetic radiation


Denaturation of hen egg white lysozyme in electromagnetic fields: A molecular dynamics study


Investigation of the sources of residential power frequency magnetic field exposure in the UK Childhood Cancer Study


Effects of GSM transmitting plants on humans


Study Links EMF to Alzheimer's


Mobile phones: an inconvenient truth


Mystery headaches reboot wi-fi fears


Are cell phone microwaves addictive?




Bees dying and vanishing in many countries


Ofcom execs 'wined and dined'


We are trying desperately for any last minute publicity we can get


Phone masts: mail to the joint owners of the building


'We don't want this mast to get higher'


LLRC success in mast challenge


Residents win mast fight


Phone mast school fear


Residents Halt Phone Mast in S. Wales


Objections to phone mast


Protesters battle against mast plans


Council allows phone mast near school


Foxford fights 30-metre phone mast


Inspector hears mast argument


FCC: “No” to cell phones on planes


FCC wants more accuracy in cell phone locating


The proposed ban on incandescent bulbs is a disaster




Rassemblement Pour la Planète - Gathering for the Planet


La maladie de PARKINSON


Procès de SFR contre Annie Lobé: "Les gens meurent sous les antennes"


Micro-Ondes - Microwaves (le dossier - the file)


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News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 7. April 2007