Newsletter (31 March 2007)



Human auditory systems response to modulated electromagnetic energy


EMF/EMR from Wireless Networks can lower Melatonin


Pediatricians call for a ban of mobile phones for children


Tony Snow's colon cancer: cell phone in his pocket?


Concerned about the tree damages that occur the last 5 years


Bees and GM-crops: Is this the lethal combination?


Why are only the large farms, and not the small farms affected by BSE?


Genetic Differences in Immune Reactions to Radiation Exposure in Humans and Experimental Animals


AMNESTY WIRELESS: when telephoning doing something good?


Plans for two more phone masts on hold


Plans for mobile phone mast revealed


Campaigners fail in efforts to stop phone mast


Families win pub phone mast battle


Fury over plan for second mobile phone mast in York street


Cloonlyon residents protest against proposed mast


Stars keep up pressure on phone mast company


Council blame for mast error


Mobile mast bid refusal sparks appeal


Take Appropriate RFID Precautions


Link to the Polish Institute of Military Hygene


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Omega-News Collection 31. March 2007