Newsletter (02 June 2007)

Decomposition of thymidine by low energy electrons. Implications for the molecular mechanisms of single strand breaks in DNA


Link between exposure to microwave and other EMR and brain tumors


Abnormal melatonin synthesis in autism spectrum disorders


Argue the science or suffer the consequences of a rising tide of health objectors


Mobile Phones and Vanishing Birds


WHO Ignored Evidence in Guidelines


Protection from the radiation coming from wireless equipment


Suffocated by Wi-Fi electrosmog


WiFi worries scare off Londoners


Children deserve our doubts





Fears over mast plans


Manx doctors' concern over phone masts


Mast victory for residents who stood up to club


Mast plan for village dropped


Phone Mast Campaigners 'Lucky' to Have Support


The monster mast


A date with destiny in July


2,500 Antennas and Counting


Railroaded by mast plan


Residents face new phone mast battle


My war on electrosmog: Julia Stephenson sets out to clear the airwaves


Anger as residents voice dismay at mast permission


Locals have new ally in fight against mast near to houses


Villagers’ fury at phone mast plan


Parents win battle against phone mast


How CMI will tap phones


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 2. June 2007