Newsletter (29 October 2005)

Description of symptoms as well as occurrence of IgE and positive Phadiatop Combi in persons with the physical impairment electrohypersensitivity (update)


European Parliament: Options brief n° 297.574 - Parlement Européen: Dossier de synthèse n° 297.574


Mobile phones can trigger eye damage, fear scientists


Kennedy....My question: Can he help save the children too?


Corporate Corruption of Science


Vera Stein, involuntarily detained, won at European Court of Human Rights




Joy as battling mums see off new mast plan


Take care on phone masts


What are we going to say to Teddy?


Council powerless to prevent phone mast getting taller


CAMPAIGNERS in Kentish Town have lost their fight against a mobile phone mast


Church spire aerial plan dropped


Intervention de Guy PAILLOTIN sur l' Éthique


La Science et l'Etat face à leurs échecs


Picture of the week - L'image de la semaine


News from Mast Sanity


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