Newsletter (28 April 2007)

Mechanism of a short-term ERK activation by electromagnetic fields at mobile phone frequency


Mobile phone emission modulates interhemispheric functional coupling of EEG alpha rhythms


Electromagnetic Radiation: Influences on Honeybees


Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields as effectors of cellular responses in vitro: possible immune cell activation


Reduced melatonin leads to increased body length of children


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chemical Sensitivities, CFS, Electrosensitivity, Sleep Disruption and Increased Cancer Risk


The Dangers of Cell Phones


Brain cells are affected by cell phones


Cancer clusters at phone masts


Is there friction within the Interphone study group?


Germans worried about the health effects of mobiles


Danger on the airwaves: Is the Wi-Fi revolution a health time bomb?


Wi-Fi: Children at risk from 'electronic smog



Wifi internet 'poses a health risk for pupils'


Wireless Oakland went live in a test today


Concern about Wi-Fi health danger spreads to NZ from British schools


Anti-mast campaigners showcase Coleshill cancers


Public Wi-Fi may turn your life into an open notebook


Cell Phones Join Pesticides & GMOs as Possible Cause of Mass Disappearances of Bees


Public policy education briefing on the inadequacy of U.S. federal policy regulating the environmental and human health effects of Radiofrequency (RF) radiation


Plans to bring mobile phone masts under control


The school that took on mobile phone companies


The Big Bee Death


Phone mast pulled down after school cancer scare


Anger as experts fail to demand ban on building homes near power lines


Residents phone masts protest


The War on Wi-Fi


Health fears over city's wireless network


Wi-Fi and National Education


Researchers call for study on WiFi health effects


Dispelling the Wireless Myths


Health Fears over Wireless Internet in Schools


Do You Have Microwave Sickness? (Update)


The inescapable health risks of city-wide wi-fi


Warning Over School Wi-Fi Systems


Warning on wi-fi health risk to children


Norfolk doctors want cell tower moved


Honeybeeworld ...EMF exposures?


Honey bees navigate by observing changes as small as 0.6% in the Earth's magnetic field


Mobile Phones and Vanishing Bees


A honey trap set by phone masts


Bees give mobile phone firm the wrong buzz


T-Mobile mast gets go-ahead


Battling for Mobile Phone Mast Controls


Phone mast will stay after ‘Pull it down’ move fails


Phone mast plans thrown out


Toronto students banned from using cellphones in schools


The average Mobile Phone contains more bacteria than a toilet seat


The woman who needs a veil of protection from modern life


I am left with my life in pieces


Death Of Lady Suffering From Extreme Tower Trauma Symptoms


New 12.5 metre tall mobile phone mast earmarked for Brean


MP calls for tighter measures on mobile phone masts


Foxford mast plan sent back to the drawing board


T-Mobile mast scheme rejected


Antennes Relais, les Ecologistes de Wallonie déposent une proposition de décret à 0,6V/m


France Education Nationale: le Rapport Annuel "qui dit la vérité"


Next-up News n°241


Residents afraid wires could bring unhealthy effects


Experts clash on powerline safety




Industry ministry to regulate magnetic fields


Dr. Ernest Sternglass: We are really, really killing our own


Philosopher Gene Sage is aghast at the 'speed mania' culture of electronic technology in the United States


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Omega-News Collection 28. April 2007