Newsletter (27 May 2006)

FDTD analysis of a gigahertz TEM cell for ultra-wideband pulse exposure studies of biological specimens


Electromagnetic Field Radiation causes cancer in workplace


Why you should have a phone mast as close to your house as possible




Do cell phones pose a health risk?


First exposure of WIMAX dangers


Wi-Fi in Manchester


Australian BT Cluster EMF and RF Surveys Released


Cancer danger at Australian mail centre: Postal workers demand inquiry and relocation


WHO chief Lee Jong-wook dies after blood clot surgery


Electro Sensitivity


EMF Workshop


EMF and Autism


Milt Bowling, who succeeded in removing cellular antennas in Canada interviewed on Co-op Radio


Mast victory against 02 for the Netherton residents


Mobile giant loses mast bid




Church under fire over phone mast decision


Parents angry as masts go up


The joys of living under roof top antennas


Campaign underway to have mobile phone antenna removed


FLAC seminar series on Public Interest Law: how PILL can address the needs of NGOs


WHO Fact Sheet N°304: Base stations and wireless networks


Report on Ill Health cluster protest




No masking of mast disgust


Council rejects plans for 'monster' mobile phone mast


Lack of nesting seagulls


Village anger over phone mast


Battle is on to block 'perverse' phone mast


Mast plan gets poor reception


Power to the people


Phone mast protest


Health fears prompt call to stop building power lines


‘Dirty electricity’ out of bounds for students


Volturino Italia ciudad cobaya


Next-up News 22 May 2006


The health implications of playing with Big Brother’s most cool tool


Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?


Stop the National Animal Identification System


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 27. May 2006