Newsletter (27 January 2007)

Mobile phone use and risk of glioma in 5 North European countries


Adverse health indicators correlating with sparsely populated areas in Sweden


Computer and TV-CRT high frequency emissions are received in the head, and modulated into irregular patterns


Discussion: Health effects of the mobile radio


The role of the electromagnetic radiation in causing of cancer


WiFi and Electrosensitivity


Combating the dangers of wireless technology "mobile phones, masts, wifi etc"


Mobile phones and microwave sickness


Case of problem: mobile radio


To the Stuttgart physicians


Corruption of the science by the economy


Meeting at the World Health HQ




Mobile phone use 'linked to tumour



Open letter to the cancer league


Mobile phone addiction: fear and depression as consequences


Canadian cities warned: Watch for Wi-Fi health risks


Customers won't be mobile thanks to mast


Anger over phone mast application


Resident's concern over phone mast


Crash families' mobile phone plea


Kicked into touch


Families in phone mast plea


Phone mast plans ditched


Phone mast on top of the church?


No to phone mast


Mobile GPS soon to hit Europe


Double mobile phone mast success


New Jersey may Crackdown on Cell Phone Talking Cyclists


New mast fight looms


Not only for cooking: Microwaves as weapon against aggressors


Interview Jean Delcoigne


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News from Mast Sanity


Ray gun makes targets feel as if they are on fire


Omega-News Collection 27. January 2007