Newsletter (24 March 2007)

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Cell Phone Units Produce Elevated Extremely-Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Emissions


Paediatricians warn against mobile phones


Dr. Wolfram Haas is sure that electrosmog makes sick


Our young people today are having to cope with the highest level of pulsed microwave radiation than any generation before them


Insects used for pollination disappearing from hives


The Italian government prohibit the use of mobile phones in schools


Council slammed over phone mast


Church phone mast 'risk to pupils' lives'


Phone mast campaigners stage protest


O2 told to remove 'over obtrusive' Burnham-On-Sea mast


Ballygar residents vow to fight mast plans


Woman 'allergic' to mobiles and microwaves paints her house black


Unholy row over church phone mast


Phone mast near school


They won’t listen to us over phone mast


Planners rejected bid for essential communication mast


Joy as Hempnall phone mast plan refused


We will win this phone mast fight


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Omega-News Collection 24. March 2007