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Effects of the electromagnetic fields of phone masts on a population of White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)

Alfonso Balmori Martínez, Biologist


Tuesday, March 9, 2004

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Tower Illegal; Wyoming Files Complaint

Washington, DC

Unshielded by trees and without any attempt at camouflage, the stark, silvery pole and its three antennas are clearly visible from much of what has been legally designated as the Old Faithful Historic District.

In a letter dated January 7, 2004, Judy Wolf of the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office wrote to the National Park Service (NPS) at Yellowstone urging that the NPS “reduce or eliminate this adverse effect” caused by the large cell phone tower in the Old Faithful Historic District. Prompted by a complaint filed by PEER, Wolf also found that the NPS had changed the size and contours of the structure from what had been submitted to the state for review.

“Its custodians have been unfaithful to Old Faithful in a way that suggests commercial convenience matters more than protecting a public resource,” stated PEER Board member Frank Buono, a former long-time National Park Service manager. “The Old Faithful viewshed is one of the most recognized assets in our national park system but it is being managed with all the care of a strip mall.”

Western Wireless Corporation built the cell phone tower in the summer of 2001 with the approval of Michael Snyder of the NPS Regional Office in Denver. PEER contends that Snyder’s action ignored both the intent of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as well as violating the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1965. Snyder also shirked one of the prime directives of the agency’s 1916 Organic Act that the Park Service conserve park scenery.

While the Telecommunications Act of 1996 opened the door to cell towers on federal lands, Congress directed federal agencies to make appropriate regulations for preventing unsightly proliferation of towers. As the key committee report stated:

“The Committee recognizes, for example, that use of the Washington Monument, Yellowstone National Park or a pristine wildlife sanctuary, while perhaps prime sites for an antenna and other facilities, are not appropriate and use of them would be contrary to environmental, conservation, and public safety laws.” (House Commerce Committee Report on H.R. 1555 [July 1995])

“By way of a lame justification, the Park Service claims that the tower is needed for emergency situations but Yellowstone has plenty of other options; safety does not require that we trash Old Faithful,” Buono noted.

In addition, the Park Service failed to file a notice in the Federal Register as required by law that it was even considering approving the tower. PEER today released the draft public notice that the NPS composed but never filed.


Court decided that Motorola is responsible for the cancer of its worker

The court decided that Motorola is responsible for the cancer of its worker. The reason: the workers heated their food in ovens that contained chemicals.

The district court in Beer Sheva ruled that Motorola is fully responsible for the fact that S' , who works in the department of tiny printed circuit production got cancer at 29 years old. She is a mother of 3. "Motorola neglected the basic safety rules. Motorola knew its workers work with dangerous substances, and should have done everything in order to prevent risk from its workers. They didn't give enough protection materials to the workers, and fundamental safety and precautionary rules were not kept" ruled the court.

A similar responsibility shares also "Tetra, electronic industries" company that had bought the department from Motorola, short time before the cancer was found. S' started working in the department when she was 21. She spread toxic substances on iron grids. She was considered to be a good and diligent worker.

During the trial, S' said that "the room was full with smoke, and gases came out of the oven. We used to go to a distant building to breath and we used to wait for the weekend to ventilate the lungs." She didn't receive guidance about toxic substances, and didn't receive a regular supply of protection.

One of the things that the judge Gilad Gilady was especially concerned about, was the fact that the workers used to heat food in the  chemical ovens. They brought food from home to heat, in ovens that were used to heat and dry chemicals.

Only after S' got cancer, they put warning signs on the ovens. The judge emphasized that these things were done in the working rooms and every work manager knew about it.

Another worker, that resigned after S' cancer had been found, said that he had been never warned. "We were spreading these substances daily, during 9-12 hours, like one spreads chocolates, without washing hands".

Motorola and Tetra companies said that the disease came "from God" and there's no connection to the work. Motorola denied that the workers used to heat food in the chemical ovens, and said that all the required checks were done and nothing was found.

The court ruled that checks were indeed done and high chemicals concentrations were found. The judge said: "I think  the method the check was done is not right- the factory invites the institute and says what to check. The employer may have an interest not to expose everything to the checker".

The court ruled compensation of 2 million shekels to S' and her husband.

S' was satisfied by the ruling, but reminded: "Since I got sick, no one of the managers called to ask how I was, or if I needed something. Friends from the department even told me that they had been asked not to contact me".

Informant: Iris Atzmon

Message from Bernd Schreiner

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Chip industry to probe cancer rates of workers

The U.S. semiconductor industry, facing allegations that its members knowingly exposed workers to dangerous chemicals, will investigate the cancer rates of chip industry employees, its trade group said Thursday.


Children with Leukaemia: UK Scientific Conference

Children with Leukaemia: Scientific Conference, 6-10 September 2004

Leukaemia is Britain's biggest child killer disease. The incidence of leukaemia and some other childhood cancers in developed nations has been rising at around 1 to 3% per year for the past 50 years. Although survival rates have dramatically improved, leukaemia kills more children that any other single disease. In 2002, only 2% of the total UK cancer research budget was used to investigate ways of preventing cancer. The UK National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has advised that more should be spent in this area.

This international meeting will examine environmental and other factors affecting the incidence of leukaemia and other childhood cancers. It will explore the latest thinking on possible causes of leukaemia and their mechanisms of action and interaction across a range of scientific disciplines. Topics will include the effects of ionising and non-ionising radiation, pollutants in air and food, infections and modern lifestyles. It will also compare how the  precautionary principle is applied to different hazards. Future research priorities will be identified. New research will be encouraged by the award of CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA Paul O'Gorman research grants from a one million pound budget. Lead authors of the best conference posters will be invited to submit research proposals for funding.

This will be an interactive conference for scientists to report and debate their latest findings. Invited presentations will provide in-depth reviews of the latest scientific findings about the causes of leukaemia and other childhood malignancies and trends in their occurrance and outcome. Posters will be of critical importance to this ongoing debate and will be on display throughout the week, enabling new scientific findings and theories, especially inter-disciplinary ones, to be available to all.

The opening address will be given by Sir William Stewart FRS, Chairman of the UK Health Protection Agency. Sir William was previously the UK Chief Scientist and then Chair of the UK Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones and Health. The first morning will be chaired by Dr Ian Gibson, MP, the Chair of the Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology.

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The Junk Science of George W. Bush

Informant: Don Maisch


I am hit like there is no tomorrow

Now that the bastards know I am on to something, they double and triple their assaults on me. One of the worst are the Micro-Wave-Bullets to the heart. It is done with Hypersound, the method is called "Kubarak" Interrogation Methologies. Dr. Larry Farwell: "Brain Finger Printing".

I am hit like there is no tomorrow and several persons, victims as well, whom I have known for a number of years, are suggesting that it might be the East Block, Communists. (?) Well, they must have an army of perverts, dwarfs, creeps, working for them, called "Street Theatre", a Mafia trick.

NN, a victim


NASA develops 'mind-reading' system


U.S. Home & Garden Completes Merger With Ionatron (Directed Energy Weapons) 005355&newsLang=en

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WWF URGENT campaigns




Carbon Dioxide Reported at Record Levels


Fresh studies support new mass extinction theory

Fears that Earth is undergoing a mass species wipe-out similar to that which destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago gained new ground Thursday with the publication of two British studies.


Early Signs of Climate Devastation Already Visible: Kofi Annan


Alaska Wilderness League Says "Not Another Valdez - Protect the Arctic Refuge"


Stop Canada's Seal Hunt

The Canadian government has already announced plans to kill nearly ONE MILLION seal pups in the next three years despite evidence of widespread cruelty and grave threats to the population. This is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world, and it will not end unless caring people like you take action now!


E.U. moves to protect dolphins, porpoises ensnared in fishers' nets

European Union nations are close to agreeing on measures designed save the lives of thousands of dolphins and porpoises caught accidentally in fishing nets, officials said Tuesday.


Quantum Phases and Quantum Coherence


ChemicalReaction: ACT TODAY!

Please tell your MEPs that you want hazardous chemicals to be substituted and replaced with safer alternatives and that you want a right to know what chemicals are in products you buy. Please go to our website: