Newsletter (21 April 2007)

Mobile Telecommunications and Health


How Electromagnetic Exposure can influence Learning Processes


Can Electromagnetic Exposure Cause a Change in Behaviour?


Research on Correlation Between Autism, Cell Phones, and Wireless Computers


Feather Janz breast cancer.....EMF appliances, cell antennae


Report links phone masts to cancer


It is "unconscionable" that the Alzheimers' Organization is doing absolutely nothing in regard to prevention


Colony Collapse Disorder


Why are Niagara's bees dying?


Are mobile phones killing our bees?


Are the mobile phones responsible for the bee dying?


To Beekeepers from the UK


Senator Clinton Calls on USDA to Respond to Widespread Concerns Over Nationwide Honeybee Decline


A Possible Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone Base Stations on the Number of Breeding House Sparrows


Tree deformities found near EMF


Let's ban broadband


Panic before deadly mobile phone-virus






Planners hit out at phone mast plan


Scientist, cops raise alarm over tower




Council takes mast cash


Protests block mast upgrade


Minister halts mast permissions


Residents round on mast plan


Fight against mast


Bungling planners reignite mobile mast row


Football pitch phone mast anger


Phone mast appeal rejected


Consultation extended for mobile mast


Ghost ships inquiry planned


Double phone mast battle begins


The People Speak


Disguised cell towers


International EMF conference with strong participation of the U.S. Air Force


Power lines link to cancer in new alert


US military unveils heat-ray gun


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Omega-News Collection 21. April 2007