Newsletter (20 August 2005)

Cellular Phone Electromagnetic Field Effects on Bioelectric Activity of Human Brain


Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage


Vienna doctors group say children shouldn't have phones


References for Olle Johansson et al papers


MOBILE PHONE MASTS: The Awful TRUTH About Their Effects On Your HEALTH


Mobiles aimed at under-8s set for return to high street


Pétition pour faire enlever le Dr Michael REPACHOLI de son poste de Coordinateur Général de l'OMS pour le programme International des Champs Electro Magnétiques


Birds suffer from biological effects of GSM, 3G (UMTS), DECT, WIFI, TETRA


Spanish paper on RF effects on birds


Mast families renew calls for research


The Greens support an opponent with the antenna-relays - Les Verts soutiennent un opposant aux antennes-relais


T-Mobile mast


Loud and mobile: a bad combination


Residents objecting to phone mast


Residents oppose mobile phone mast plan




Residents’ fury over secret phone mast


Why parish chairman kept silent


Phone mast campaigners admit defeat


Fight for an idea: The ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION - Combat pour une idée: La pollution électromagnétique


The Canadian SWEEP Initiative


EFNS guidelines on the use of skin biopsy in the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 20. August 2005