Newsletter (01 December 2006)

Do mobile phones cost the Earth?


Experts warns that research into risks of mobile phone radiation might cease


Cell Phones May Affect Male Fertility


Suicides linked to electromagnetic radiation


The HIGH COURT of Paola (ITALY) says NO to BTS-Base Transceiver Station for telephone


If you ask them no questions, they'll tell you no lies


Can cellphone use lead to cancer?


Mobile phones should be tagged ‘harmful to health’


Cell firms threaten to put antennas only in poor areas


Open letter to WHO


The safe way forward for wireless technology


Steeple might be phone mast


Mast goes up after long protest is foiled


Time to talk on mast plan


Council sites up for rent phone masts welcome


'Give us £130k and we won't put up a mast



Community is losing out to companies’ mobile phone masts


Church makes landmark ruling over mobile phone mast plans


Cubbington protesters lose phone mast battle


College to fight phone mast plan


Victory for residents in fight to halt phone mast


You don't need to be a Russian spy to get irradiated


10 Hz flicker improves recognition memory in older people?


Regular computer users are worse at maths and reading


Find cell towers in your neighbourhood


A life apart: driven into exile by obscure disorder, a family starts anew


Minister claims TVA expansion ignores environmental concerns


Gadget addiction ruins families


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Omega-News Collection 1. December 2006