Newsletter (18 March 2006)

Exposure of rat brain to 915 MHz GSM microwaves induces changes in gene expression


ELF magnetic field affects proliferation of SPD8/V79 Chinese hamster cells but does not interact with intrachromosomal recombination



The largest cancer cluster in the U.K.


How wireless technology may impact child development and central nervous system functioning


Cell phone headaches, cell tower blues


WLAN Sickness: Rubbish or Reasonable?


The risks to health from pulsed microwaves


Its alleged that a Southport Children’s Nursery has three children with leukaemia


Phone mast victory for couple both hit by cancer


U-turn over mobile phone mast


Mast switch off looms after court victory


O2 back down in phone mast row


US politician response to "avoid health problems" - Pay attention to an avoidable Healthcare Crisis


Residents protest outside OPW offices


Shankill Mast work halted




Fury over latest mast application


Chimayó cell phone tower threatens public health


Fury as council gaffe lets phone company build mast outside homes


Some good news for a change


People power halts 60ft mast


Rage against the Machine


Electromagnetic radiation issues mean large costs for mobile-telecom carriers in Taiwan


Schools in radiation fear alert


Northwick Hospital EMF Map - Six in hospital after drug trial goes wrong


Schools backed in mast opposition


MP's mobile phone planning overhaul bid


Principal Closes Classrooms Because Of Power Lines


Next-up News 11 Mars 2006


ASL Info Minute Plainte de l'opérateur Orange contre ASL


ASL news Faites connaissance avec Hervé MARITON Député-Maire de CREST


Relay antennas mobile telephones : The Law- Trial (Justice - Procès)


Implant ID chips called big advance, Big Brother


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 18. March 2006