Newsletter (16 December 2006)

Man has come along and thrown off the clock mechanism


Time-dependent hematological changes in workers exposed to electromagnetic fields


Consultations in primary care for symptoms attributed to electromagnetic fields – a survey among general practitioners


Scientist admits conflict of interest


The High Cost of Calling: Critical Issues in the Mobile Phone Industry


Wi-Fi as a Health Hazard


Wi-Fi worry


Wi-Fi: we should be worried


Cell phone wars: the truth is under attack


Intensity of the portable radio radiation and paradoxes of limit values


Is your school or home wireless?


‘No blame’ for mast blunder


Minister Wants to Turn Church's Cross into a Mobile Phone Mast


Israel: residents destroyed cellular antennas




Council earns a fortune from phone masts


Phone mast sites a nice little earner for council




South Korea regulates the mobile phone use by teenagers


Mobile phone prohibition makes school


Residents concerned over power lines


BGMU project still on agenda: workers prep site near school for substation, despite strong objections


What we don't know can hurt us


Science by press agency


Judge hears arguments in area power line case


CPS seeks views on road traffic prosecutions


US Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research


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Omega-News Collection 16. December 2006