Newsletter (16 June 2007)

Chronic, prolonged low level "toxic" EMF/EMR exposures


Weak Kilohertz Electric Fields Kill Tumor Cells: Current EMF Paradigm at Risk


Radio-Frequency Radiation Exposure from AM Radio Transmitters and Childhood Leukemia and Brain Cancer


Irradiation of GAPDH: a model for environmentally induced protein damage


Alzheimer's Cases May Quadruple by 2050


Candida and mold can be activated by electrical fields, electrical


Mobile phone mast could kill




Ignoring all research findings on the link of mercury to autism and Alzheimer's is a sign of lack of scientific and individual integrity


Mystery cancer cluster at ABC studio prompts nationwide testing


The Great Wi-Fi Debate


Wi-Fi in the classroom: health advice to schools


Free Wi-Fi plan draws protest


Aircrack: Millions computer without protection




WASHINGTON may soon become one of the first communities in America to take part in a groundbreaking epidemiology study researching the effect of cell towers on human health


Mobile giants versus you and bees


Common Bird Species in Dramatic Decline


Europeans dissatisfied with information on potential EMF health risks


Electromagnetic hazards protested - Activists ask for tighter controls on phone towers


Protesters concerned about the 3G mast proposed for Westdene


Victory near in phone mast fight


Ban for Manx mobile phone masts


Phone mast for Holy Trinity


Objectors rally to block mast on green site


Warring councillors call a truce


Go-ahead for mobile phone mast


Loddon phone mast row


Defend your rights in the planning system


Proposed playground cell tower siting becomes effective public education campaign


Phone mast rent signals profits


The radiation in our high streets


Proposed Playground Cell Tower Nixed By Effective Public Education Campaign In North Idaho


About XM Satellite Radio


Effects of AC Magnetic Fields from Household Electric Current on Four Species of Tropical Fish


Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food System as We Know it?


Plans For High-Voltage Power Line Facing Opposition


2007 Gauss Network General Meeting with Guest Speakers


Applications of RFID Technology


FDA Asks for Black-Box Warning on Heart Failure Risk with Glitazones


Field Test: GPS phones for kids


Cell Phone: FBI can listen even when phone is turned off


Fields of screams for irate motorists


Projects of Law


Irish Green party now in power plus given environment portfolio


EHS TV News: Informations locales Drôme législatives 2007


Next-up News n°253


John Kanzius: Saltwater into fire


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 16. June 2007