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People should - as a "precaution" - only use mobiles in emergencies?


"They claim radiation emitted from the mast has caused at least 10 cases of cancer and other conditions including lethargy."


1. While phones “appeared” safe?

* “Appeared” is ambiguous expression.

Professor Kasevich (August 2002) “Electromagnetic theory and decades of experiments clearly indicate that the electromagnetic fields of radio and microwaves can also affect cells mechanically, without producing significant amounts of heat”.

“The relevant physics starts with the fact that all living things absorb and scatter electromagnetic waves. As they do so, they convert, on a molecular level, the electromagnetic fields of the waves into mechanical forces”.

“Our bodies are full of ions-in nerve endings, in cell nuclei, in muscles. In addition, the body's most common molecules, including water, have an irregular distribution of charge, so that they are influenced by an electric field (or a magnetic field if the ions or molecules are moving)”.

“Thus electromagnetic fields can physically move, reorient, or even alter molecules or ions-or their distributions-in the body”

“They can affect the rate of chemical reactions and the ability of molecules to pass through a membrane”.

To focus attention on the alteration of the "Blood-Brain Barrier".

Profesor Kasevich (August 2002) “Possible links between molecular or cellular effects and human health are controversial, but a number of experts are focusing their attention on the blood-brain barrier”.

2. Health risks in the future could not be ruled out?.

“Could not be ruled out”?

* Could not be ruled out is ambiguous expression.

Linda Moulton Howe interview Dr. Robert O. Becker


Dr. Robert Becker: “Yeah, I would put it up there. I don't know if it's the first thing on the list. If you look at the proliferation of what is called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - that wasn't even here when I was young. That was not a diagnosis. It never existed."

3. People should - as a "precaution" - only use mobiles in emergencies?.

"I used my phone a lot and I got really bad headaches and since I threw it in the bin, I've not really had any. It's as simple as that. I have no doubt in my mind at all that there's a link.

"After just five to 10 minutes I would get a warm feeling and after finishing a call I'd often get a headache within a matter of minutes."

Radiation from a mobile telephone. In the form of microwave sphere 1,000 m radius.

User’s brain is in its centre, exposed to 10,000,000,000 times greater radiation than Neuronal waves. The microwave can open the Blood Brain Barrier in “2 minutes” and also break Chromosomes.

Dr. Neil Cherry (27 Oct. 2000) “Leif Salford’s research on microwaves and the Blood Brain Barrier is probably very relevant. The BBB protects the brain from toxins and viruses. About 2 minutes on a cell phone can open the BBB and allow toxins, including prions, into the brain”.


Lincolnshire Echo 16 January 2004


Residents in Gainsborough hope a new report warning against excessive mobile phone use will bolster their campaign to get a controversial mast removed. For years people living near Ash Grove's water tower have blamed a 50ft phone mast for a high number of cancer outbreaks in their community. They claim radiation emitted from the mast has caused at least 10 cases of cancer and other conditions including lethargy. In the past, phone companies have refuted their claims. But a new report published by the Government's Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation on Wednesday said that, while phones appeared safe, health risks in the future could not be ruled out.

Jim Whelan (55), of Trinity Street, has been campaigning against the use of mobile phones for the last three years. Using a electronic meter, he has taken radiation readings across Gainsborough. He claims 70 per cent of the town has readings above the Government's recommended radiation level.

Mr Sutton believes the new report has come too late. "I have no doubt at all that radiation emitted from the masts and phones causes cancer, tumours and lethargy," he said. "There are numerous examples in Gainsborough of people who now have terminal illness which I believe has been caused by the radiation. "Evidence for this has been written in journals for years and if the Government act now - it's too late."

There are five mobile phone masts erected in Gainsborough. These are situated in Winton Court, off Lea Road, the Pines, off Foxby Hill, Thorndike Way and Ash Grove, while a temporary mast is fixed in Thonock.

In 2000, the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones, chaired by Sir William Stewart, who now heads the Health Protection Agency, said children should - as a "precaution" - only use mobiles in emergencies.

Mr Whelan said: "It was made clear in the Stewart Report that electromagnetic radiation could cause long- term risks. "There is mounting evidence to suggest the Government should have acted earlier. "I hope this new evidence supports our campaign to remove the masts."

The report by the Government's advisory group on is based on evidence from studies over the past two years. Some experts think it can also lead to headaches, sleeping disorders, memory loss and even brain tumours.

Last year research commissioned by telecommunications firm Orange showed that radiation emissions from antennae in Gainsborough were well within Government guidelines.

But at the time town councillor and member of Mast Action UK Tom Tait said: "Until there is watertight evidence to prove there is absolutely no connection I don't see why we should have a mast within earshot of thousands of houses and several schools."

Four months ago electrician Rob Noble (37), of Arkwright Street, Gainsborough, threw his mobile phone away over fears that a recurring headache was caused by harmful radiation. "I used my phone a lot and I got really bad headaches and since I threw it in the bin, I've not really had any. "It's as simple as that. I have no doubt in my mind at all that there's a link. "After just five to 10 minutes I would get a warm feeling and after finishing a call I'd often get a headache within a matter of minutes."


Church asking to get out of cell tower contract

This is the longer version of the story that was broadcast on Vermont Public Radio and WCAX TV on Tuesday of this week.

The Boston Globe wer_contract/

February 2, 2004

Church asking to get out of cell tower contract

By Wilson Ring, Associated Press Writer, 2/2/2004


But Verizon Wireless has told the church a contract is a contract and is continuing with its plans to install three transmitters and receivers in the two bell towers in the church, located at one of the highest points in the city, church officials say.

Verizon Wireless officials and church officials are planning to meet next month with St. Mary's parishioners to try to allay concerns that the communications equipment could pose a health threat to people in the church and neighbors.

St. Mary's pastor, the Rev. Yvon Royer, said Monday that when the idea of installing the communications equipment in the church was first discussed there was no opposition. It was only after the contract was signed and plans were moving forward that the opposition surfaced.

"There are indeed a group of people who are very much against it," Royer said. "We hate to have even one person alienated. At the same time we know we can't always please everybody."

Verizon Wireless officials refused on Monday to discuss the specifics of their relationship with the Newport church until after the March 11 meeting, said New England spokesperson J. Abra Degbor. "We always make ourselves available to answer questions," she said. Instead, she said Verizon Wireless had always worked to locate its equipment in ways that will have as little impact as possible on the areas around the equipment.

The most serious concern raised by St. Mary's church members was that the radio waves that will be reaching the antennas in the steeples could threaten human health. Others have expressed concerns about the aesthetics of the equipment or the issue of installing for-profit communications equipment in the church.

Linda Curtis, a mother of three who lives about 100 feet of the church, is one of the opponents. "Ninety percent of the church didn't know," she said. "That bothers me a lot." She said she was concerned that the radio waves could hurt the people who live in the neighborhood and the children in a nearby school. She said the radiation also was thought to cause sleep disturbances and memory problems,

It was because of the intensity of the opposition that the Diocese of Burlington, which legally owns the church and signed the contract last year, asked Verizon if they could get out of the deal. "We recognize we did sign the contract," said Diocese Vicar General Rev. Wendell Searles. He said he did not know when Verizon Wireless planned to install the equipment.

Searles said Verizon Wireless officials feel there is no basis to peoples' concerns about the health effects of the equipment. That would be discussed at the March meeting.

Royer said that Verizon Wireless first approached the church about locating cellular equipment in the church about 18 months ago. The building occupies a high point in Newport, overlooking the downtown and Lake Memphremagog. "Our position at the diocese is we have no objection provided the local parish agrees with it," said Searles. "They decided they wanted to go for it."

Curtis said that once people found out they were opposed. She said she didn't know what she'd do Verizon refused to back down. "We're just hoping Verizon will do the right thing," Curtis said.

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Phone Mast Debate at Houses of Parliament, UK

Dear Don, 28h03_head0

The Chorleywood legal challenge (taken out under my name) is also referred to. It demonstrates that the ICNIRP certificate is virtually worthless because an English Court of Law does not recognise ICNIRP as being enough to stop the English and Welsh public being afraid of possible health risks from phone mast signals (Scotland and Northern Ireland have different legal systems). I would like to thank you again for the information supplied on your website.

Best wishes,

Yasmin Skelt (Chorleywood Against Mast Pollution, Hertfordshire England)

Informant: Don Maisch


Sorry landowner

This is a sad story and this mast is not considered as high risk as Tetra. The NRPB dismiss these cancer clusters as anecdotal they are not researched.

Insurance - support - help for such farmers/landowners not anywhere in sight. (Names have been removed to protect privacy - this is in the UK)

 Dear (Name)

It is very difficult for land owners to get out of contracts.  We have a local farmer who has eight years to run, the mast has been there for 12 years and he has since developed cancer, his son has left home because of it and 8 of his neighbours in his tiny community in the next village down to (area) have also developed cancer. He can't get out of the contract and is desperate. We need to find a good contractual lawyer who can look into this.

No wonder people are taking the law into their own hands.

Kind Regards

Message from Dr Grahame Blackwell


Mind manipulation based on an historical approach

The list is English speaking but I think some of you might be interested to know that a new French popular magazine about geostrategy, information warfare, intelligence for anyone, (its creation was announced by the French News Agency AFP and the main private TV channel TF1) has decided to publish an article about mind manipulation based on an historical approach and mentioning Dr Smirnov's research. Biological effects and scientific work is also included in the analysis.

This issue (the 3rd) of this magazine will be in the newspaper shops in the coming days but a copy of the cover has been saved at :

I haven't seen the end result yet but the journalist from Grenoble has interviewed 3 people claiming to be victims of such technologies and there should also be one or two paragraphs about the initiatives or organisations which are currently working as a network to exchange and circulate information.

N. Luthold, CAPT, BP 123, 95103 ARGENTEUIL Cedex


Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide

Strike the Root

by Sartre

"The European Satellite Navigation System GALILEO will be the next generation GPS -- Global Position System -- and a separate tracking technology that will usher in total planetary surveillance. ... Galileo plugged into nanotechnology will produce an invisible wire that links to the restraint collar worn around your neck. Instead of looking to the heavens for inspiration and tracking stars, the spy in the sky is designed to monitor your every movement."

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Weather War: The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction


Earth 'Entering Uncharted Waters


Four leading scientists and environmentalists have co-authored a new book, Global Change and the Earth System: A Planet Under Pressure, that sounds a new alarm on climate change. They warn that warming from industrial pollution is occurring "at least 10 times faster than any natural increase in the last half million years."


War, terror hunt puts environment on hold


Public Participation, Pt. 1