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Wyoming: 106% Turnout of Registered Voters In 2004 General Elections --According to the 'Profile of Wyoming's Voters - Voter Registration and Voter Turnout' on the Wyoming Secretary of State's website, Wyoming had a turnout of 106% registered voters on November 2, 2004. Wyoming had 232,396 registered voters, 62% of eligible voters for the 2004 General Elections; turnout of registered voters was 245,789, or 106% of registered voters. [Document last modified: 10-November-2004]

Election Company Has Long Criminal History -- Thugs, Racketeers Counting American Votes --by Daniel Hopsicker "While Ukrainians poured into the streets of their capital Kiev to protest a presidential election they say was stolen by that country’s current regime, here in the U.S. a little-known election company called Sequoia Pacific, responsible for putting our own 'current regime' in power four years ago, was at the center of controversy last week... for the second Presidential election in a row.

2 Top Officials Are Reported to Quit C.I.A. --Two more senior officials of the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine service are stepping down, intelligence officials said Wednesday, in the latest sign of upheaval in the agency under its new chief, Porter J. Goss.

Area man stirs debate on WTC collapse --South Bend firm's lab director fired after questioning federal probe --The laboratory director from a South Bend (IN) firm has been fired for attempting to cast doubt on the federal investigation into what caused the World Trade Center's twin towers to collapse on Sept. 11, 2001.


Auditor to Army: Dock Halliburton's Pay --The U.S. Army should withhold some payments to Halliburton Co. for its 'work' in Iraq, a government auditor said on Wednesday, in a move that could cost the contractor tens of millions of dollars a month.

Group Finds Problems With Voting Machines --An organization that put more than 400 poll watchers in Maryland precincts on election day reported Tuesday that its volunteers found scattered problems with the state's electronic voting machines. Among the problems were machines that crashed, incorrect ballots and touch-screens that failed to work properly.

E-mails released Monday show lockdown pre-planned - November 16, 2004 (OH) Warren County finished its vote count Monday without any results changing... Warren County has drawn national attention for its election night problems, from three-hour-plus lines at the polls to locking down the administration building during the vote count because of terrorism [?!?] concerns [so that the results could be manipulated]. Federal and local homeland security officials say they didn't know of an increased threat in Warren County. County Commissioner Pat South has said the decision to lock the doors election night was made during an Oct. 28 closed-door meeting (the Thursday before Election Day). But in e-mailed memos dated Oct. 25 and Oct. 26 - released Monday after an Enquirer public records request - other county officials were already detailing the security measures, down to the wording of signs that would be posted on the locked doors.

GOP's Rossi Wins Wash. Governor Recount --Republican Dino Rossi came out ahead of Democrat Christine Gregoire by just 42 votes Wednesday in the recount for Washington governor, but the Democrats are expected to seek another recount.

Ukraine Liberal Calls for Strike, Civil War Warning [Why is this not happening in the U.S., following ***TWO*** stolen elections?] --Ukraine opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko on Wednesday called for a national strike that would halt transport and shut factories in protest at the declaration that his Moscow-backed rival had won election as president. [And, in the United States, we are calling for The Grand Refusal, to overturn ***OUR*** (second) illegitimate election!!!]

U.S. Rejects Ukraine Election Results --Powell Says Election Does Not Meet International Standards --The United States today rejected the announced results of Ukraine's disputed presidential election and warned the government of the former Soviet republic to uphold democracy or face "consequences" in its relationships with the United States and Europe. [Why doesn't a country force the U.S. to 'uphold democracy,' and remove the illegitimate Bush dictatorship???]

Zogby Vs. Mitofsky --by Keith Olbermann "It was a spectacular irony - a Republican senator using the word 'fraud' about the presidential election. More spectacular still, he was visiting his condemnation of apparent election manipulation on the incumbent party. And beyond all that, he and others based their conclusions largely on the incredible disparity between the last exit polls and the vote count itself. Of course, Indiana’s Richard Lugar was talking about the presidential election in the Ukraine. But in so doing, he underscored that once again, the exit polls appear to have fulfilled the time-honored international tradition of the canary in the mine shaft. If only we could have used them in that way here."

Republican Challenges Presidential Election Based On Exit Polls (Comments by Greg Palast) "Tuesday, November 23, 2004 --from The New York Times 'Citing the disturbing fact that official results diverged sharply from a range of surveys of voters at polling places, Lugar [Sen. Richard G. Lugar, R- hypocrite - Indiana] said, 'A concerted and forceful program of election-day fraud and abuse was enacted with either the leadership or cooperation of governmental authorities.' ...This reporter was unable to reach Senator Lugar regarding the inconsistency of official election results and exit polls in the USA; the intimidation of minority voters in Florida and Ohio; nor the failure to count two million ballots cast, half by African-American voters, in America's first post-democratic election held earlier this month."

Rights group sues over election results (FL) The aftermath of the general election in Volusia County grew more tangled Tuesday, as a local voting rights advocate sued to throw out the results. While the suit focuses on the most prominent countywide race, it asks that all general election results in the county be set aside.

Felons list audit faults state A new state audit criticized how Florida put together a central voter database and a felons list that was sent to election supervisors this year. A new audit shows that Florida's attempt to rid the voting rolls of felons this past election season was marred by lax oversight by the Department of State, which failed to follow legal settlements and relied on seriously flawed data when it put together the controversial felons list. [Article cites 'other key audit findings.']

8,099 Cuyahoga ballots ruled invalid (OH) The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections voted Monday to reject one out of three of the 24,472 provisional ballots cast in the Nov. 2 election. Seventy percent of the rejected ballots, or 5,595, won't count because there was no record of their registration. "I find it inconceivable that over 5,000 voters in the county would wait an hour in the pouring rain to vote if they haven't registered," said Dr. Norm Robbins, a neurosciences professor at Case Western Reserve University who volunteered for the Greater Cleveland Voter Registration Coalition.

Ohio Democrats Offer Support for Recount Effort --The Ohio Democratic Party announced this week that it is supporting a third-party-led effort to force the battleground state to recount its presidential vote. The organization, whose decision is expected to give more legitimacy to the recount push, complained that Ohio voters faced long lines at the polls Nov. 2, that some voting machines malfunctioned and that some absentee ballots were never delivered.

Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount --A federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by third-party presidential candidates who wanted to force a recount of Ohio ballots even before the official count was finished. Judge James G. Carr in Toledo ruled that the candidates have a right under Ohio law to a recount, but said it can wait. The judge wrote that he saw no reason to interfere with the final stages of Ohio's electoral process. [Why does democracy have to 'wait?' Why aren't people building toward the second American Revolution, in order to undo the (second) coup?]

US Congress to investigate irregularities in November 2 vote --The Government Accountability Office, the investigating arm of the US Congress, will probe allegations of irregularities in the November 2 US presidential vote, lawmakers said.

GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularies --Congress' investigative agency, responding to complaints from around the country, has begun to look into the Nov. 2 vote count, including the handling of provisional ballots and malfunctions of voting machines. The Government Accountability Office usually begins investigations in response to specific requests from Congress, but the agency's head, Comptroller General David Walker, said the GAO acted on its own because of the many comments it received about ballot counting.

GAO Will Investigate 2004 Elections --Government Accountability Office to Conduct Investigation of 2004 Election Irregularities --posted by Murshed Zaheed (Washington, DC) "Reps. John Conyers, Jr., Jerrold Nadler, Robert Wexler, Robert Scott, and Rush Holt announced today that, in response to their November 5 and 8 letters to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the GAO has decided to move forward with an investigation of election irregularities in the 2004 election. The five Members issued the following statement..."
Here is the list of the GAO signatories: John Conyers (D-MI) Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Robert Wexler (D-FL) Robert Scott (D-GA) Melvin Watt (D-NC) Rush Holt (D-NJ) Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) Louise Slaughter (D-NY) George Miller (D-CA) John Olver (D-MA) Bob Filner (D-CA) Gregory Meeks (D-NY) Barbara Lee (D-CA) Plus Jan Schakowsky (D-IL).

Bush Orders the CIA to Hire More Spies --Goss Told to Build Up Other Staffs, Too --Dictator Bush has ordered CIA Director Porter J. Goss to increase by 50 percent the number of qualified CIA clandestine operators and intelligence analysts, an ambitious step that would mean the hiring and training of several thousand new personnel in coming years.

Bush Wants Plan for Covert Pentagon Role --Dictator Bush has ordered an interagency group to devise a plan that could expand the Defense Department role in covert operations that have traditionally been the specialty of the Central Intelligence Agency, regime officials said Monday.

Bush Orders Review of Covert Operations --Dictator Bush has ordered an internal review into whether the Defense Department should run covert paramilitary operations traditionally mounted by the CIA, administration officials said on Tuesday.

Blair Impeachment Probe to Be Sought by 23 British Lawmakers --Tony Blair tomorrow will become the first U.K. prime minister in 156 years to face a call for an impeachment investigation as 23 lawmakers accuse him of misconduct in taking Britain to war in Iraq. [Is it time to put the Bush dictatorship on trial for treason, with all appropriate penalties for treason on the table?]

Falluja Rebels Had Enough Arms to Rule Iraq -U.S. --Arab militants and insurgents who ruled the volatile city of Falluja before a U.S.-led offensive this month had enough weapons to take over all of Iraq, Marine officers said on Wednesday.

Explosion rocks western Baghdad, four wounded -- A bomb planted inside a commercial building in western Baghdad detonated Wednesday, wounding four people including a police officer, witnesses said.

U.S. Military Finds Five Dead in Mosul Gunmen Ambush Convoy of Kurdish Militiamen --The U.S. military said five bodies were found Wednesday in northern Mosul, bringing the total to 20 bodies found in the past week.

SAS joins US forces in major Iraq offensive --British special forces joined an offensive yesterday involving more than 5,000 US and Iraqi troops, backed by fighter bombers and helicopters, aimed at regaining control of insurgent strongholds in central Iraq. The operation - dubbed Plymouth Rock [Mega barf alert] - appears to mark an escalation in the role of the SAS in Iraq.

Troops Hit Sites South of Baghdad --Raids Involve U.S., British, Iraqi Forces --British and Iraqi troops mounted raids Tuesday in a swath of territory south of Baghdad where armed insurgents have seized control of several cities and towns, imposed stringent Islamic law and carried out kidnappings and executions of Iraqi police officers and religious pilgrims at checkpoints along the main roads.

Occupation Forces Battle Iraq Insurgents --U.S. Marines, British Troops, Iraq Soldiers Launch Offensive Against Insurgents Near Baghdad --Some 5,000 U.S. Marines, British troops and Iraqi forces launched a new offensive Tuesday aimed at clearing a swath of insurgent hotbeds across a cluster of dusty, small towns south of Baghdad. [Oops! Looks like the 'mission' has not been 'accomplished.']

U.N.: War 'Wreaking Havoc' on Iraq Young --Fighting in Iraq is "wreaking havoc'' on the country's children, nearly doubling malnutrition rates since the start of the war and all but preventing relief groups from working in the country, the U.N. children's' agency said Tuesday.

Purported al-Zarqawi Tape Raps Scholars --An audiotape purportedly made by Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi lashed out Wednesday at Muslim scholars for not speaking out against U.S. actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying they have "let us down in the darkest circumstances."

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Attack --Two U.S. soldiers were killed and another wounded in an improvised-explosive-device attack in Afghanistan today.

Appeals Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to Stop-Loss Program --A Sacramento-area soldier who challenged the military's so-called "stop-loss" program will have to go to Iraq with the rest of his unit. On Monday a federal appeals court refused to intervene in the case. The military's "stop-loss" program involuntarily extends enlistments during wars and national [Halliburton] emergencies.

US Military Taps Bugs and Weeds in War on [of] Terror --Don't squash that bug! Cockroaches, beetles, spiders and worms may be the U.S. government's next line of defense in the war on terror. Backed by the Pentagon, scientists are recruiting insects, shellfish, bacteria and even weeds to act as "bio-sentinels," which give early warning of biological and chemical attacks, detect explosives or monitor the spread of contamination.

U.S. Military Rules 8 Stay at Guantanamo --U.S. military review tribunals have ordered eight more men to remain held at the U.S. Naval outpost in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, an official said Tuesday.

Justices Asked to Rule on Detainees --Yemeni's Attorneys Want to Bypass Federal Appeals Court --Attorneys for a detainee at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have asked the Supreme Court for immediate intervention to decide the legality of the "military commissions" set up by the Pentagon to prosecute alleged al Qaeda and Taliban fighters.

Suit Filed in GOP Convention Arrests --N.Y. Police Accused of Overstepping Bounds, Detaining Bystanders --Twenty-three people filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court here, saying New York city officials violated their constitutional rights by orchestrating massive arrests and detentions to sweep up political dissenters during the Republican National Convention in August. "It is a bedrock principle of our democracy that the police cannot simply sweep the streets because they find protest inconvenient or embarrassing because the RNC was in town," said lawyer Jonathan Moore, who filed the lawsuit with the National Lawyers Guild.

Home Office 'linked to discredited claim of al-Qa'ida plot' --The Home Office is suspected of being behind discredited media reports on the eve of the Queen's Speech that an al-Qa'ida plot to fly planes into London skyscrapers had been foiled. Supporters of David Blunkett were accused of trying to exploit public fears in an attempt to help the Government introduce anti-[pro] terrorism legislation.

Citing 'Terror' Issues, Britain Plans ID Cards --Invoking a global threat of 'terrorism,' the British government announced plans on Tuesday to introduce national identity cards for the first time since the World War II era. An opposition legislator said the government wanted to create a "climate of fear" in advance of elections expected next year.

Guess Who Could View Your 1040? Democrats said Tuesday they would block quick congressional withdrawal of a provision that would give more lawmakers access to income tax returns, demanding that majority Republicans first promise to stop rushing bills through Congress. "This extraordinary invasion of privacy did not have the majority support of either chamber," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in announcing her plans to block House passage on Wednesday. "It was a 'Saturday night massacre' on Americans' privacy made possible only by the Republicans' willingness to abuse the rules of the people's House."

Future of Calif.'s 9th Circuit Under Review --Many conservatives think their new clout following Dictator Bush's 're-election' may help put some weight behind a movement to split up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, leaving the 9th in California, creating a new 12th Circuit for neighboring Idaho, Arizona, Montana and Nevada; and a new 13th Circuit for Washington, Alaska and Oregon.

Top-Giving PACs Favor GOP Candidates 10-1 --The top-giving corporate political action committees didn't hedge their bets in the fall elections despite the narrow division between the GOP and Democrats in Congress. They favored Republican candidates 10-to-1.

Attempt to stop mandatory mental screening [to ignite a pharmaceutical industry windfall] fails --Congressman pushed language requiring parental consent --An attempt by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, to add language to the omnibus spending bill in Congress to require parental consent for any mental-health screening done to children with federal money has failed.

Top Economic Adviser to Bush Is Leaving Post --Stephen Friedman, who left Wall Street to assume one of the top economic posts in the White House, will return to the private sector Dec. 31 after two quiet years in Washington, White House officials announced yesterday.

Economic 'Armageddon' predicted --Stephen Roach, the chief economist at investment banking giant Morgan Stanley, has a public reputation for being bearish. But you should hear what he's saying in private. Roach met select groups of fund managers downtown last week, including a group at Fidelity. His prediction: America has no better than a 10 percent chance of avoiding economic "Armageddon.''

Krugman: Economic Crisis a Question of When, Not If --The economic policies of Dictator Bush have set the country on a dangerous course that will likely end in crisis, Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman told Reuters in an interview.

Dan Rather to step down as CBS News anchor --Veteran to remain with network as correspondent --Dan Rather, anchor of the "CBS Evening News," announced Tuesday that he will step down in March, on the 24th anniversary of taking over the job from Walter Cronkite.

Cattle Ranchers Want Their Own Mad Cow Tests --Greg Schoenbachler, with the Silver Springs Cattle Company, says he'd like to be able to test his entire herd to prove that it's mad cow free. But he can't; the government won't let him. Schoenbachler is part of a growing group of ranchers that wants every animal slaughtered tested for mad cow. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture refuses.

House Panel Joins Vioxx Inquiry --An influential House committee has joined in the congressional investigation of U.S. prescription drug safety, issuing extensive records requests Tuesday to the Food and Drug Administration and the drug manufacturer Merck & Co.

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