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Sue Webster was quoted in ICONmag Jan 2003 article
'Sue Webster, a psychotherapist and nutritionist, is the first and only
person to collect evidence from all the 14 UK clusters and visit homes with
an AcousticOM instrument that translates pulsing EMRs into noise. "When I
started out I expected the microwave power levels would be higher in places
where there were a lot of cancers. I have visited hundreds of houses and
found that this is not the case. It's the pulsing that is far more intense
in these houses. My first experience of violent pulsing was in three
Gainsborough houses where four people had cancer. You could hardly hear
yourself speak. These houses were directly opposite and about 100 metres
from a mast which was installed seven years ago with six antennas and two
microwave dishes." There are six other cases of cancer within 200 metres,
including 10 year-old Ryan Petch who has non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and a 30
year old currently in remission from leukaemia.'
i think she might have worked with Dr Walker and SCRAM
I have her e-mail address but she doesn't reply to me
I'll try again
Got this for Michael Meacher
This is an edited version of Michael Meacher's keynote address to the Green
Network Conference, Science, Medicine and the Law, 31 January to 2 February
2005, Royal Institute of British Architecture, London, UK, which will be
published in issue 26 of Science in Society
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 14:14:34 EDT
Subject: Re: WiFi report
Hi again,
On the subject of Barrie's paper, I have had a closer look at the first
Most of the references won't need scanning, they are available online, and
have started compiling them (not all yet, as I'm a bit short of  time)
here are my comments of the first half of the report (up to the heading
"Legal"), just so you know what I would like to discuss with him and why I
some things need to be edited. Please don't get me wrong, this is not meant
be overly critical, it is the kind of constructive criticism Sarah and  I
apply to each other's work all the time before it goes out to anyone else.
it's out there it has to hold up to an awful lot of scrutiny...
Kind regards,
Barrie Trower Paper Comments:
Page 1: 
Prof John Goldsmith passed away in 2002. he is referenced with contact
details as if still available for comment
Iris Atzmon on John Goldsmiths¹ papers
Page 2: 
Appendix  1(3) online source :
Environmental Health  Perspectives
Who is Sue Webster? A journalist? Can't find out from  the references
Neal Cherry ­which publication is the quote from? I might be able to find
the link if I knew.
Freiburger Appeal ­ 36990 signatories, amongst those probably 3000  doctors,
consultants and scientists
Comments regarding ³At this time²:
47 cancers (where ­ internationally or in the  UK?) From the  reference it
looks like they were just in  Spain.
138 cancers (miscarriages)? The illnesses in brackets are not cancers,
are they part of the 138? Not really clear
Wolf and Eger: confusing  since it refers to two different studies but
quoted the authors as if it was one  study. Online sources:
1. Naila 2004  (Eger et al.):
2. Wolf and Wolf 2004 : _
The Prime Minister of Bavaria is Dr Stoiber ­ He was addressed by this  open
letter, he did not write it: The letter was written by Dr Cornelia
Waldmann-Selsam, who is also the originator of the Bamberger Appeal.
Link for the letter: _
Link for the Bamberger Appeal:   
Hutter: Which study are you referring to? I assume it¹s 2006
Online link:
Page 3: 
Idea online:
What Nobel prize did they win and when?
Spanish Study ­ Instead of “they” it would be clearer to say “The authors
of the Spanish Study” recommended a level of radiation 100 million times
below our maximum level. 10 million below ICNIRP. My comment: This is in effect
how  the precautionary value for Salzburg  was set since Gerd Oberfeld, the
director of The Public Health Office in  Salzburg is one of the authors of
the Spanish study. 
Canada:  the reference says 3% of Canadians are diagnosed with environmental
sensitivities, not electrosensitivity ( we need to be correct in quoting our
sources otherwise people like Ben Goldacre will eat us alive!)
Page 4:  
I would add “epidemiological” to studies, because this is what the
reference refers to
There is also a really good meta study by Henry Lai which could be added  to
strengthen the argument of this section.
Reference 19 (3) Michael Meacher quote: Do you have a date for this Times
Making Waves