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Again, from Marc's blog site ~ this is an article from his friend Jim
Kirwan. Lots of good stuff being written by some very tuned in
peace, all ~

Who Can We Trust? (



By Jim Kirwan

November 27, 2004

There are so many major problems in this country now; so much that
literally depends upon concise and accurate information, that this
simple phrase
Who can we trust may be the difference between life and death.
Too few Americans realize what has changed in this country since the
Viet Nam war.

Like Iraq, that war was a futile and useless gesture, an exercise in the
attempted use of Imperial power. The only difference between Viet Nam
and Iraq is that then there were still a few independent media outlets,
and some authentic journalists that did report on events in that war as
it was happening. The nightly news then, brought the war into every
living room with a television set. We saw the blood; we saw the chaos,
and the failure of our military to win that war. Like Iraq, we won every
battle, but we lost the war because those people refused to give in to
our arrogant attempt to kill them and to crush their way of life.

After that war, those massive corporate interests who stood to gain from
all that carnage, decided to destroy the public's ability to
know what any foreign adventure might actually look like. This they did,
by buying up those media outlets that had cost them so much in both
image and profits. Along the way, they soon realized that they could
also use this new megaphone of theirs, to control major events within
the USA as well. Here's the story from 1983 to the present:

Now we're down to 5 major interests that control almost everything we
see, read or hear:

This has been carried out under the banner of free enterprise but the
only thing about this were the airwaves that these corporate bandits use
to spin their lies and twist what so many thought of as the truth. All
those billions that have to be raised for every election go back into
the coffers of their own subsidiaries, to create new lies to spread over
the carnage of the each previous performance. This complex shell game is
generously termed “the media. The corporations own the
logos that were there during Viet Nam, but now NBC is General Electric,
Viacom owns CBS, and Disney owns ABC. Why do these companies not air
their programs under the logos of their real owners " that should
be obvious! What happened to truth in advertising? If for instance we
were told that GE and some of the other weapons manufacturers, were
behind the reporting on these wars from which they make vast sums of
money, might we not view what the networks say in a whole different way?

There is another problem with allowing the largest corporate interests
on earth to own virtually all avenues of information and that is - that
the pubic only gets one view of this nation, of the political realities
here and abroad, as well as how well policies (and wars) are being
received by the general public. When those who are being criticized get
to cover and report on the public events that are held to criticize
those same policies the impression can be skewed in favor of the
corporatists, and the puppets in government that serve these special
interests: the Congress, the Courts, and the entire Executive Branch,
because they've been paid to ensure that the truth never gets heard,
seen, or discussed.

The real problem for this nation is that the public, over the years has
come to trust the media, and has not yet realized that while a lot of
the faces are the same, the purpose behind their broadcasts and their
information - is entirely different from any real coverage of real
events. The media; has become nothing more than the segmented cubicles
of transnational corporations, that are beholden to no state, to no
national flag, and to no political actions except those that profit
their bottom line directly. Due to the success of these media
acquisitions, and in tandem with the complete dominance of their views
on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) overseen by Mr.
Powell's corrupt administration their reign would seem to be

However, if the public begins to realize who is really behind the
microphones, and who is really calling all the shots then there might
yet be some real changes in the way things are done in this country. No
society can make rational or intelligent choices about their individual
lives or the direction of the country if they do not have accurate
information. The entire point (aside from obscene profits) behind this
wholesale takeover of the media has been to corrupt the truth of
whatever the US government undertakes to do, both here at home and in
the wider world.

Where for instance were the television specials, regarding the events
surrounding 911? When was the last time a special report was aired that
looked into corruption or government collusion in anything like the
Enron scandal, or the massive bookkeeping and stock market frauds that
were enacted upon the public and the stockholders? Likewise, where were
the searching reports when over 10 million people demonstrated against
the war, before it happened, worldwide? There are countless areas of
massive cover-ups that the media has simply not reported on. These
topics affect everything from health and education to the very real and
growing problems of jobs, of out-sourcing, and of virtually every aspect
of life for most working people.

The answer is simple: working people have been targeted by the
transnational corporations for a complete takeover of their lives and of
their dreams. In this adventure the government is their puppet, doing
their bidding, and creating profits for those who have something to
gain, from all the damage that we are inflicting around the world.
The next time you watch ABC News ~ picture Mickey Mouse, and remember
that this is only entertainment -- they cannot in all candor claim that
what they say is information is anything but propaganda. The same is
true for GE, who makes weapons and actually has much to gain or lose
based on how the wars are fought. When we do stupid things like trying
to drive our invasion force full speed through a desert sand storm, so
that we destroy a third of our vehicles, and damage a lot of what
remains then those vehicles will need to be replaced same goes for
munitions expended so why should these people be bringing us the
news? It's true of all of the major networks, including PBS, all of
them have major conflicts of interest, that should prevent them from
airing the stories they routinely attempt to cover or from censoring the
ones they refuse to cover. What one leaves out can be far more important
than the one covered in two sentences. In any case: the public is not
getting anything like balanced coverage of anything that is happening in
this nation, never mind the world.

For instance: the vote on November second was a fraud, and it appears
that Bush did not win even the popular vote, much less the Electoral
one. Yet there is a news blackout in the USA on all such stories that
are swirling around this issue but the world knows! 

The media has pronounced that Bush won, and that was that no questions
allowed it's a done deal! Because if it is proven that Cheney-Bush lost,
then heads will roll, and a lot of influential people will be
heading off to prison for the rest of their natural lives. This is one
of the principal reasons for buying up the media in the first place,
just so things like that can't happen in USA incorporated " the
new home of Fascism-To-Go.

To ensure their protection from discovery, Patriot II was recently


SECTION 102 of the new Patriot Act II states clearly that any
information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are
illegal, can be considered to be the clandestine intelligence activities
for a foreign power. This makes all newsgathering illegal. Think about
that, and while you're thinking, why not begin asking your so-called
local stations about why they don't cover the things that concern most
of us who work for a living?

If enough people think about the new Patriot Act, perhaps something
might be forced to change this cozy relationship that is leading this
nation into bankruptcy, and into international failure on almost every
front. Of course if this is too much trouble then I guess that would
mean that you're content with being lied to, and being taken for granted
by the corporate henchmen who designed this little plot to steal the
nation? In any event, you still have to decide .... Who can you trust?

posted Saturday, 27 November 2004