Betreff: Watch "ATC Audit Request"


Datum: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 18:32:40 EDT


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Dear Ann:   Thanks for this.   I hope you are doing well.....   Take care  -  Joanne


P.S.    Marilyn and others did a very nice job -- I was sure glad to hear her input about health issues!!! 


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ATC Audit Request

Description: Dane County Supervisor Kyle Richmond has drafted a resolution, requesting the Legislative Audit Bureau to conduct an audit of ATC (the American Transmission Company). State Reps. Sondy Pope-Roberts & Spencer Black speak out in support of such an investigation, along with County Board Sup. Patrick Miles, and CRE members Hans Moen and Marilyn Wilson. The speakers point out that voters have demanded an independent study by a 76 percent vote, and have been repeatedly denied access to data and information that ATC claims is readily available and transparent.