Betreff: Was Bush's Skull and Bones Colleague Kerry Bought Off By The GOP?
Von: "Gary Kohls"
Datum: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 16:48:52 -0600

Was Kerry bought off? His inept campaign surely was compatible with that notion, especially when one considers the practically uncountable amounts of  ammunition he failed to use that could have easily destroyed BushCheney. There may not be any better explanation for Kerry's inept campaign, just like there is no better explanation for Wellstone's death than that he was assassinated. He was obviously pulling his punches when it came to Bush's greatest vulnerabilities, the Depleted Uranium scandal, the Iraq War, the Pathological Liars all over the White House, the corporate scandals, the 911 Coverup, the sanctioned torturing by the US military, etc, etc, etc, etc. Gary.

Was Kerry Bought? Let’s Explore
by Zoltan Abraham
January 21, 2005

I have a friend who insists that John Kerry was bought by the GOP before the election. His role, according to my friend, was merely to play the Democrat, diverting the energies of the left, without ever intending to win. In this way, Kerry would help George W. Bush ride to an easy victory, with an electronically manufactured mandate, which would wipe away the lingering questions of legitimacy left over from 2000.

I don’t know if I am completely sold on my friend’s theory, but I don’t think it’s an entirely unreasonable view either. Why? Let’s explore:

-- The New Hampshire Democratic primary results show signs of electronic voter fraud, much like the 2004 presidential results in Florida. John Kerry seems to have won that crucial primary through the manipulation of the electronic vote. Once he had New Hampshire in the bag, he had no trouble wrapping up the nomination.

-- During his campaign, Kerry's number one rule seemed to been never to say anything really damaging about Bush. At the same time, Kerry's bungling, ineffectual campaign exposed the Democratic Party to national and international mockery.

-- During the campaign, Kerry avoided discussing any issues that might shed light on or challenge the rule of corporations in our country, or world wide.

-- Kerry must have foreseen the voter fraud about to take place on November 2. If outside observers were sounding alarm bells in 2001 and 2002 already, Kerry, with all his insider information, must have known. Only an idiot would not have been able to connect the dots in his position. Yet Kerry never challenged the electronic machines during the campaign. If Kerry knew, as he must have, that both Ohio and Florida were in danger, why did he orchestrate a campaign strategy that needed at least one of these states for an electoral victory? How did he hope to win without these states? Why abandon most of the rest of the country, while focusing on key states that he knew were going to be stolen? (Note: While Ohio did not use the touch screen machines, they did use electronic scanners, which can also be manipulated.)

-- During the campaign, Kerry promised repeatedly that every vote would be counted. On election night, John Edwards came forward to say the same. But by midday on November 3, Kerry capitulated and rode off into the sunset.

-- In the weeks following election night, thousands of Americans worked heroically to expose the fraud and to overturn the manipulated results. John Kerry was conspicuous by his absence. Many of his die-hard loyalists theorized that he was just working behind the scenes, allowing his ground troops to prepare the way, so that he could jump back into the fray when all was ready. But this was just a fantasy. Kerry didn’t care.

-- Kerry had somewhere between $15 to $45 million in unspent money raised for the 2004 campaign. What has become of that money? He didn’t spend it on his own aimless campaign. He didn’t give it to local races, where the money would have been extremely helpful. He didn’t give it to the recount effort in Ohio, Florida, and in other states, where some local results were being contested. In Washington State, for example, the Democratic Party needed to raise $750,000 to recount the results for governor – or else this traditionally blue state would fall to Republican rule. Kerry donated $250,000. But he failed to pay the rest, expecting the people who had already given so much to him to make up the difference. Why? Why not foot the whole bill? He had the money. That’s what it was raised for.

-- Kerry and his wife were reportedly regaled by Arnold Schwarzenegger at one of his homes after the election. How odd, considering that Schwarzenegger helped to fire up the Republican National Convention against Kerry. I’m glad that Kerry can let by-gones be by-gones so quickly, with so much grace.

-- On January 6, 2005, Congress met in joint session to certify the electoral results. A small contingency from the House was able to mount a challenge, with the help of Senator Barbara Boxer. The event has now come to be called the Boxer Rebellion. To the Democrats’ everlasting shame, only one Senator (Boxer) and only 31 Representatives voted to uphold the challenge to the fraudulent results. How did John Kerry vote? He didn’t. He was out of the country.

So, I ask, did John Kerry really want to win? Did he really care about us at all? Was he bought?

I don’t know if he was bought. But, folks, however we look at it, we’ve been had. We’ve been taken for a ride.

Zoltan Abraham /
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