My neighbour, “Eddie” died on Monday 31st July in a medical ward of a hospital with masts on the roof and possibly 2 TETRA masts in the vicinity.  So the warpath intensifies.


I say possibly two because there is only one TETRA mast in terms of planning history and according to Sitefinder in Chichester, yet a new TETRA line of emissions is smashing its way through Eddie’s flat and mine close to the dividing wall between the two flats, coming from the direction of Chichester area.


Also there is a new addition to TETRA which I suspect is sited on different masts – perhaps the innocent looking 02 2G which were formerly MM02 2G? This smashes in

on another side of my flat in line with my bedroom, perhaps from the Pagham or Pagham Harbour area?


This “extra TETRA” pulses at 21.96Hz whereas the normal TETRA pulses at 17.6 Hz.


To hear it on detection equipment makes you realise how very harsh this technology is, but to actually feel it as a sensitive human really verifies the sheer harshness and potential for harm the combination of both of these TETRA frequencies can cause to humans, animals and our environment - AND I DO KNOW ABOUT THAT!


Further investigative work has been done on my flat and it has now been established that I have a TETRA pulsing frequency crossing a TETRA addition pulsing frequency in my bedroom. You can add to that a mixture of 2G and 3G frequencies and what is there is a room that no one should ever sleep in.  I am not a person who scares easily but I will never sleep in there again.

Possibly the same applied to my neighbour’s bedroom as all that divides us is a brick wall - but she will never sleep there again either.


Since last year, when my flat was tested, there has been an increase x 10 of emissions in my home. YET OFFICIALLY WE HAVE ONLY HAD AN UPGRADE FROM 2G to 3G ON ONE MAST


If you realise that my neighbour was fit and happy, despite high power TETRA testing signals on and off for perhaps 6 or 7 weeks right up to the 14th July 06, and that she suddenly became very ill after the network was turned on after the horrendous power over the 14/15/16 July weekend when all the birds disappeared, then you have to wonder.  She became ill on the 19th July and was hospitalised on the 20th.


But there is a further problem and it is a potentially serious one.


Further investigation of a specific pulsing signal at 11.65Hz has revealed this to be the Earth’s natural magnetic field pulsing. This is normally static. This frequency is not in any of the mast signals I am informed.

It is believed that the effects of  many crossing, pulsing transmission lines from this technology is starting to make the Earth’s natural magnetic field pulse in these areas.


This cannot be proved as yet, but I suggest that serious independent scientists should test this rather than go along the lines of “it cannot be possible to do this therefore we must prove it” It will take too long in the present political climate. Do we have the time to wait? When in history did the natural magnetic field pulse?


Those with spectrum analysers should make a point of investigating and recording such areas etc. as soon as possible.




As with the increasing ill-health we need to be working together and helping together in locating it and registering all the details. We need to be investigating and compiling evidence – not treating this potential problem with the “let’s wait and see how it pan’s out” or “logically it is not possible” excuse.  Since when has Nature been orderly and logical?


Mankind is tampering with a finely balanced system which it knows very little about.


I am not a scientific/technical type and if I have not explained this correctly then you need to investigate for yourself and not debate with me. I am too busy DOING SOMETHING. Nor should you be debating it with others. If you care about our children and their future, you should be DOING SOMETHING – any little or large thing that you are capable of doing.

While you are debating, our World is suffering, the animals are suffering and people are suffering. What good is debate to them?


I have been trying to raise awareness of this new addition to TETRA for ages. I have wasted valuable time debating and discussing. I am just a woman, not even slightly technical or scientific, so why should people listen?  BECAUSE IT IS HERE! BECAUSE IT IS DANGEROUS!  BECAUSE THE NATURAL MAGNETIC FIELD PULSING IS IN ITSELF UNNATURAL AND THAT IS HAPPENING!


I am tired of debating and trying to convince you and we will never convince any government whose coffers fill from big company revenues.


We do not have time now to debate trivialities or to play at being campaigners. There are serious issues like TETRA, Additional TETRA, mast clusters, ill health around all of this, the blanket broadband coverage and now the Earth’s natural magnetic field pulsing.




Sandi Lawrence

Mast Sickness UK