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Following the Workshop of the WHO of June 20-21, 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland, I retook a document distributed by the WHO untitled « Connecticut EMF Health and Safety Policy »: Typing « Connecticut EMF Health and Safety Policy » in Google on August 9, 2007, I didn't find the document I received by the WHO, but I found very interesting documents. (See Google search below). At the Workshop, they finally admitted that at 0,4 microTesla, all studies show a leukemia increase of 2,2; without USA 1,7 and without Canada 2,1. But they claim (as ever) some uncertainties like “chance, misclassification, confounding, selection bias, other, causal relationship”, and that there is no known mechanism...

Now, if you look at the first attached file, “State of Connecticut”, you'll find that SENSITIVE POPULATIONS must be maintained at 0,6 mG or less. This mean 0,06 microTesta !

But I know that EHS person must stay below 0,02 microTesla for all symptom suppression (at the actual stage of the epidemiology). So the WHO is still far away the reality...

On the second file, you'll find some references compiled by Richard W. Woodley.

On the third one, a document of Peter A. Valberg, you'll find some different guidelines going from 85 mG to 9'040 m G... What a mess !  

Notice to pay :
ICNIRP “established a MF exposure guideline of 833 mG based on avoiding potential stimulation of neurons that may occur with high magnetic-fields.”
How all those authorities can be in peace with one's conscience ?

Please, somebody to wake me up ! I don't want to stay in that nightmare all day long !

With my very kind regards.
Philippe Hug


Google search with :« Connecticut EMF Health and Safety Policy »
CT 1995 Report on Health Effects of EMF: Chapter 8 FURTHER ...
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CT 1995 Report on Health Effects of EMF: Chapter 2.1 States
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The EMF policy identified LCRA's position and proposed activities in light of the ... Protect employee health and safety by providing publications, ... - 14k - En cache - Pages similaires
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Comments on AG comments on BMP
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The policy component of the revised CSC BMP is also clear and reasonable in that the CSC, in the. absence of any established EMF health risks, ... - Pages similaires
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EMF monitoring. The Council must create a safety buffer zone that protects the public health and safety. This protection is not limited to the initial ... - Pages similaires
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Connecticut Education Association- Supports the legislation that could avoid ... UI shares the concern for the public health and safety that forms the ... - 20k - En cache - Pages similaires
Appendix G - Related EMF Programs - December 1995
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Lawmakers were listening to concerns over EMF
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Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Information Service
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WaveGuide - US Senate Contacts for EMF Activists
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Here is a list for the Labor/Human Resources Committee (public health and safety): Susan Ramthun - Staff Director - Health Jennifer Van Horn - Prof. ... - 13k - En cache - Pages similaires
JSTOR: An Evaluation of Precaution-Based Approaches As EMF Policy ...
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