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Dear Ms. Ravenscroft:   I have copied below a paragraph from the WHO website re EMF's. 

Would you please clarify whether or not new guidelines will be coming out in six months or approximately when that will be?


Also, I notice the site re EMF booklet has pictures showing trains as being "static," welding equipment as "intermediate frequencies," powerlines as "extremely low frequencies," and cell phones as "radio frequencies."     I believe items such as electric clocks and other electrical items I refer to below may fall into more than one category.   Due to "chronic, prolonged, nightltime exposures, I also believe such exposures to be a major factor in alarming increases in many health problems.


I have concerns re WHO's references to EMF's from appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers, vacuums, etc. in spite of the fact there is no question they put out very strong magnetic fields.  The general public is not typically exposed to such items for hours at a time.   Persons do not sleep on or close to such items.


Electric clocks, small fans, transformer boxes for cordless phones and electronic games, noise machines, electric blankets, heated mattress pads, aquarium pumps and heaters, touchlamps, lamps with dimmer switches, monitors, security alarms, computer power supply strips, TV sets,  and more are likely to be the "real culprits" re many adverse effects all the way from poor sleep to cancer -- due to the fact these items are often close to beds and/or individuals on a "chronic, prolonged, nightly basis.


Moving my husband's electric clock radio off his nightstand has now yielded improvement in three parts of his Executive Function.  He is now said not to have Alzheimers afterall.  Sadly, he will never be able to live independently due to the fact he is left with a diagnosis of moderate-to-severe memory loss and cognitive impairment.  I oversee his medications and supplements and give him additional melatonin some nights (has resulted in disappearance of delusions, hallucinations, and agitated behavior).  I discontinued his statin -- said to be dangerous for the elderly (and others and is now being linked to memory loss, muscle degeneration, congestive heart failure and more) -- another very serious issue WHO may need to oversee regarding the issue of "deadly combination" of medications interacting/reacting with natural chemicals in persons' bodies.  


The public needs to know that reducing bedroom EMF/EMR is vital insofar as maintaining and supporting proper melatonin levels.   More and more scientific evidence indicates melatonin may, in fact, actually "prevent" autism, Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disorders.  There is a  need for melatonin supplementation (whether synthetic or natural) to keep persons like my husband out of institutions.  When persons with dementia-type problems can't sleep, the patient often becomes agitated and "lashes out," therefor requiring a phone call to the police with resultant retention in a locked facilicty.  This often leads to the demented patient being placed in long-term care.   No country can afford this increasing burden on already overtaxed healthcare systems!!!


 The ASTM Gene re melatonin synthesis has now been linked to autism, Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disorders  - -   see:


See also another very important item:  Behavioral Brain Function Study at:


This study is regarding Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disorders, with explanations as to the relevance and importance of maintaining proper melatonin levels not only for the "anti-aging benefits," but, the critical issue of "supporting good health while aging.....!!!"     There are 343 references to support the study.


Electric meters and gas meters, as well as electrical wiring and waterpipes carrying high currents are causing serious problems and/or "chronic symptoms" -- resulting in EMF/EMR-related toxicity!!!   My two grandsons were diagnosed with rare immune deficiencies and we were told they may develop Leukemia or other cancers.  We were asked whether children had died in the family.  Blood testing of family members ruled out a genetic link.  The boys' immunologist said "...their immune deficiencies must be environmental...."    When I questioned our close proximity to two high voltage powerlines (only 50 ft. from the front of our house -- we were providing daycare for both boys), the doctor responded, "well, we do know that EMF's affect mice but we don't know how much of what happens to mice happens to people....."   


   Moving the boys (in their respective homes) away from walls opposite electric meters ("powerwalls") yielded almost immediate reduction in symptoms of chronic asthma, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections -- even requiring surgeries -- gastrointestinal symptoms -- allowing for the children to eat without choking and reducing reflux -- improved appetites were observed in both children, improved sleep, improved dispositions, all of which ended up leading to no medical treatment for one boy until his school physical a few years later and significantly less medical attention for the other boy.   Their overall IGG's increased by 100 points and 204 points within five months of the bed changes.  We had also stopped caring for them in our home.


Dr. Fatih Uckun is the EMF researcher who examined the boys' blood.  We were never informed that Uckun's work involved the $46 mil EMF RAPID Study.  Here is a link to a press release re Uckun's comments:


The following is statement from press release re conclusive evidence:


".......Conducted under the aegis of a research grant award from the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (grant number R01-ES-07175), the studies provide conclusive evidence that inside cells electromagnetic fields can activate certain signaling pathways that have been associated with cancer......


Michael Boyum, a teacher and formerly healthy holder of a black belt in karate, died at age 23 from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).  Michael's mother and Regisered Nurse, Bonnie Boyum, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, has given me permission to share that her son had an electric clock and a small fan on the headboard of his waterbed. 


I conducted two separate guinea pigs studies using two guinea pigs in each study (exposing to electric meter/"powerwall" in our home).  The guinea pigs developed asthma.  Complete blood counts with differentials (CBC's with diffs) indicated severe neutropenia, lymphocytosis and "hypersegmented neutrophils."    These white blood cell changes are consistent with findings in persons undergoing radiation treatments for cancer.  In other words, "markers for irradiation....."    One guinea pig developed osteomyelitis (confirmed by X-ray)  that miraculously disappeared after reducing EMF/EMR exposure.  That guinea pig lived another couple of years but succumbed to "Reactive Renal Amyloidosis."  I discovered the plastic sewer pipe (resin coated) was carrying currents higher than ambient readings from the high voltage powerlines.


Warnings need to be instituted immediately that simply checking sleeping areas may greatly reduce many health problems all the way from poor sleep to cancer.   It is imperative that the mainstream medical profession be alerted to this very serious situation as soon as possible.   The world needs media attention to help stem the tide of the "approaching tsnumami.......!!!!!         Sincerely,  Joanne  Mueller


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Project description


The International EMF Project is scheduled to complete its health risk assessments of EMF in 2007, since it is anticipated that current and proposed research should provide sufficient results within this time frame to allow more definitive health risk assessments.

The Project is to assess health and environmental effects of exposure to static and time varying electric and magnetic fields in the frequency range 0 - 300 GHz. For the purpose of the project this range is divided into: static (0 Hz), extremely low frequency (ELF, >0-300 kHz), intermediate frequencies (IF, >300Hz to 10MHz), and radiofrequency (RF, 10 MHz-300 GHz) fields.