Betreff: Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla.
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This is for the Okies among us!  :-)  When even Oklahoma has to have it's votes rigged to ensure that Bush win...
We won't even mention the faux opposition candidate.
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Date:  Sat, 27 Nov 2004 18:37:02 EST
How do you amass a margin of 3 millions votes and call it a "mandate?" The answer lies as much in the safe states as in the swing... Pass it on..... Peace, Danny

Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla.

by Bob Nichols Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 3:13am
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57 Rural Counties Affected - Vote Fraud Suspected

Rural Oklahoma Voting machines know how to count backwards.

(Oklahoma City) November 18, 2004 - Rural Oklahoma Voting machines know how to count backwards.

That looks like what the secretly programmed machines did for Sen. Kerry in President Bush's easily won Presidential Election victory in Oklahoma.

All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines and Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company.

The respectable, conservative "Tulsa World" newspaper reported Nov 3rd that Kerry was winning in 57 of the states's rural counties., with 70% of the vote counted. Turns out that the famous November 3rd report was probably not supposed to be printed.

It represented the counting when the tabulating was about 70% "complete," as they used to say in the old Soviet Unon.

The "official" State of Oklahoma Election Board vote totals released later show Kerry not winning; but, losing in all the state's 77 counties, including the 57 rural counties. Yea, somebody really messed up, big time, and published a partially completed and, I guess you would haver to call it, "fixed" vote.

A simple comparison of total votes for Kerry between the staid establishment mouthpiece, the "Tulsa World" newspaper and the so-called "official" final vote totals at the State Election Board show fewer votes for Kerry in 57 counties than the "Tulsa World" does.

Fifty-seven of the 57 counties clearly demonstrate that Sen Kerry lost 37,982 votes to the ES&S Optech Machines. During the same time period President Bush gained a whooping 393,825 votes.

Nice, slick, easy way to win an election. As a man once said "He stole it fair and square!"

In other words, Kerry lost votes already cast by voters. The voting machines counted backwards. What could be simpler than that?

Who programs these things, eh? Why, ES&S Corp., of course.

It turns out the every vote in the state, all 1.4 Million of them cast, were counted on the same type of flawed machine, programmed originally by the Hagel's ES&S company.

Whether they knew the difference or not is not known; but, spokesmen for the State Election Board would only say the Machines and Tabulators were fron Optech. They breathed not a word anout ES&S.

Who really won? Well, nobody really knows! Most people in Oklahoma still think President Bush won his Presidential election. Wrong! Time for a re-count, this time by hand!

Not that Oklahoma's very few Electoral Votes make much difference in the grand scheme of things. Except, of course, fraud is suspected in Ohio, too. A recount is already guaranteed in Ohio. What will Oklahoma officials do?

"Film at 11." Fat chance!

People in the Great Flyover State of Oklahoma all know that the Professional Hairdo Anchors in the Oklahoma TV stations and the Radio Celebrities will not touch this with a 30 Foot Pole since their right wing owners keep them on a real short leash.

But, the money is good and the living is easy in Oklahoma, where "The Oklahoma Observer" says 20% of the people can't even read. This makes TV and radio even more important.

If these small state celebrities are reading this, and you know they are, then these parasites know the truth. I dare you, Kelley! Go for it! Get a life, dude! (Kelly Ogle is a local TV personality in Oklahoma City who specializes in "happy talk" transitions.)

Watch for more election 2004 reports here as I get to them. Please circulate and distribute IMC this report widely. You know that none of us can depend on the so-called dominant press to do so in the great state of Oklahoma or the USA anymore.

Meantime, I reminded of the Salsa ad for some company. When informed that somebody had bought Salsa from a company in New York City, an ole boy hollers off screen "Get a rope!"

By the way, what are YOU going to do about this situation?

Copyright 2004, Bob Nichols. All rights reserved. Permission for reposting is allowed provided the complete text and attribution are kept intact. Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner. He lives and works as a writer, political commentator and community organizer in Oklahoma City. Nichols encourages your comments at


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by Bob Nichols Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 2:07pm


Our Voice is at stake.
Our Democracy is at stake!
We The People Demand an investigation!
This is unacceptable. Why is it not on the Front page of every Oklahoma newspaper!?!
Joni A. LeViness
Tulsa, OK

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Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla.

by Abigail Quart Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 4:31pm


We're being expected to believe our neighbors are idiots and fanatics who would rather hate gays than have healthcare or social security.

This nation didn't vote for George Bush. The Republican-owned voting machines voted for George Bush.

And George Bush has the criminal hypocrisy to claim the elections in the Ukraine were fixed? Look at the patriotism of the Supreme Court of the Ukraine. It shames ours. Look at the patriotism of the people of the Ukraine who value their vote so much they are standing up for it. We are shamed by the people of the Ukraine who know how precious democracy is.

We do not know the true outcome of a single election this year. We do not know who our real senators or congressmen are. We don't know what propositions were truly approved.

The United States is no longer a democracy.

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Please provide a link to Nov 3rd release - none found online

by Thomas Dean - Democratic Underground Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 5:23pm phone: 909-369-2443


I purchased a pass at Tulsa World and searched the archives. I find nothing to substantiate your claim that Tulsa World reported this on November 3rd.

Please provide a link, otherwise I will dismiss this as wishful thinking.

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Voting Machines Count Backwards?

by Bob Nichols Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 6:07pm

I don't understand. Is there some kind of precinct by precint reporting breakdown, or is this more wild supposition. Sticking to facts would be so helpful in getting to the bottom of the voting machine problems. The problems are absolutely there, but wild claims with no evidence to back them up do not help.

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by Butterfly Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 6:51pm

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No Confidence Movement

by GuvWurld Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 7:17pm

We can't know what to believe is another way of saying we have no BASIS for confidence in the legitimacy of the results reported from US elections.

Learn about the No Confidence Movement here:

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See links

by Markus Roberts Saturday, Nov 27 2004, 7:18pm

Just look at the very first county in the links provided by "buterfly" to see an example of the problem; Kerry had 3704 votes in Adair with 70% of the vote counted (according to the local paper), but only 2560 votes after they were all counted (according to CNN).

This should not be possible.


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