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Many thanks everyone for all your help re the above. Mark McDonald, the Bath campaigner, has asked for further assistance (please see below email).  Any further comments/assistance would be greatly appreciated.
John Elliott
P.S. I have urged Mr McDonald to join Mast Sanity on numerous occasions.
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Hi John,

Many thanks for that.

Dr. Bob Matthews told me that Vodafone have fixed bearings of 90, 220 & 330 degrees in order to fit into their cell. However the 220 degree BOGI intersects St. Johns Primary school at 245 meters. Presumably the school should have had the opportunity to object, which the St Johns Governors did and were ignored. There is also a severely epileptic child there and a special needs school 270 meters away but not directly under the BOGI. To avoid this issue Needham Haddrell proposed they change the bearings to 130, 250 & 10 degrees. Dr. Mathews told me this is incorrect, however the council have granted planning on Haddrell’s bearings. I suspect a change in condition 2 will  make this point worthless and incremental practice has won. I enclose a PDF of Haddrell’s application. If we can not hit them with health issues, what is left? Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated as I have to brief people  who are prepared to write a  complaint letters.
Regards, Mark.

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From Karen Barratt

I'm not sure what is meant by 'this would avoid a primary school and stay within the Stewart Report.' There is an often quoted misconception that Stewart prevents masts being sited near schools and that operators who ignore this are somehow breaking the rules. Apart from the fact that only the bits of Stewart that were incorporated into PPG8 are relevant anyway, Stewart only said that the BOGI  should not fall on schools without the agreement of parents, governors etc. There is no definition of what 'near' means either but again, you often hear the ops talking about not needing to consult if a school is more than 200m away. In the course of attending many site meetings my conclusion is that the ops usually adopt a 'flexible'approach ie whatever measurement allowing the site applied for to be deemed at a 'safe' distance is the one they quote.

On technical matters the ops also like to give the impression that by a slight tweak, it is a simple matter to change alignments to avoid sensitive buildings. I'm not a techie but neither are planning officers/cllrs. Without independent technical advice the operators can get away with asserting all sorts of nonsense. They will say anything they can get away with if it reassures the decision makers and gets them the permission. Unfortunately  whereas I'm quite happy to say that I don't have the technical expertise to argue, I've often seen members of telecom sub-cttees nodding sagely, blinded by science obviously too embarrassed to admit they haven't got a clue. Still I'm sure it gives people like Dr Rob Matthews  a laugh.      
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Dear All,

I have been assisting some campaigners in Bath and they have asked me the following question about condition 2 of the mast planning application:

<"Dear John,

 I would be very obliged if you could answer this question or direct me to the answer.

You may have noticed that Vodafone have applied to planning to have condition 2 removed from the mast application. Condition is a requirement of Vodafone to monitor     the site for ELM. It was placed upon them because of concerns in this community. I need to know has the government regulators fixed the main beam coordinates for each telecommunication provider. If so what are they. I was told by Dr. Matthews at Vodafone that his are fixed at 90, 220 and 330 degrees. However Vodafone got planning permission for 130, 250 and 10 degrees in Bathwick because this would avoid a Primary School and stay within the Stewart Report.

The removal of condition 2 will neatly avoid this issue for Vodafone and also remove our big argument, which I suspect is the reason why they have not put the thing up.

Anybody please help,


Mark Macdonald">

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


John Elliott