July 26, 2006


                                   Urgent Plea For Your Help!




Hi Ladies and Gentlemen:


I would like to ask your favor today.


We, people in Tsawwassen, B.C., Canada, need your supportive input to the Environmental Assessment Process, based on your knowledge and expertise on power line, non-thermal EMF health hazards.


At present, 138 kV overhead power lines are going through 150 residential backyards, which are also right-of-way. Most of houses are right against the edge of the easement line resulting in the distances from the lines to the houses less than 30 feet. The resent EMFs range from 25 - 50 mG in houses.


Now the utility company, BCTC (BC Transmission Corporation), is going to upgrade the lines to 230 kV with 5 times more power capacity than that of the present.  With the upgraded lines, the EMFs will go up higher than 50 mG. People fought hard against the project for the last one and half years without success


A couple of weeks ago BC Utility Commission (BCUC) concluded "The Commission Panel concludes that EMF concerns do not warrant actions beyond the very low cost measures that BCTC has included in its VITR design". (VITR stands for Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement). There are no EMF mitigation measures in the BCTC plan except for the statement that EMFs emanating from the power lines are safe because they are well under 833 mG of the WHO EMF guidelines.


There is only one thing left before the BCUC decision becomes finalized. Provincial and Federal Environmental Assessment Process is the last opportunity for us to argue that the proposed power line EMFs are environmental health hazards.


If we can provide as many positive inputs as possible, there may be a chance to have the BCUC decision overturned. We have supplied enough evidences on EMF health hazards. Our resources for new arguments are almost exhausted. Now we hope PEOPLE'S POWER will change the situation. Huge number of statements from all over the world saying that power line EMFs are health hazard will overwhelm the Environmental Assessment Process.










I earnestly plea for you to send your supportive statements on non-thermal EMFs to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) with the following information included.


1. Your name, address, contact numbers, QUALIFICATION etc.


2. Why more than 4 mG, non-thermal or low level EMFs from HV power lines are dangerous to human health. (According to the reports or your own research results etc)


3. Why present ICNIRP/WHO guidelines are not adequate to protect people.


4. Your own statement if you have.


I know your time is very valuable. So I would like to say even very simple statement would help us. If you can make the INPUT DEADLINE of September 15, 2006, it will be great.


 Send your Statements to:


    MR. Joe Truscott / BC EAO

    E-mail - joe.Truscott@gov.bc.ca


CC to:


    Berni R. Claus / Environmental Canada

    E-mail - berni.claus@ec.gc.ca


    Kyong H. Nam

    E-mail - namlaser@yahoo.com




Thank you very much for your help.



Kyong H. Nam / Tsawwassen, BC, Canada