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Subject: My letter re Tom Mangold's comments in last IoS about Panorama

I am disturbed about Tom Mangold’s slating comments regarding the Panorama Wi-Fi programme and surprised that a `senior’ reporter relies on information from a blogger regarding  1 600 signatures naming Prof. Olle Johansson `Misleader of the year’. If all these signatories really were `serious’ scientists or Prof. Johansson’s `colleagues’ questioning his integrity, as Tom puts it, would Prof.Johansson still be working for the world’s most prestigious Karolinska Institute?? I think not!  Surely, the Karolinska Institute is very protective of its excellent reputation.

Paul Kenyon is a very good reporter, although Tom Mangold has no kind words for him. However, he is right when he says that Paul was `lured’ into giving an interview for BBC News 24, but he forgot to mention that Paul Kenyon did extremely well under the circumstances. After being `tricked’ with the misleading `Misleader of the Year’ statement, he calmly referred to the Uk’s `expert Sir William Stewart’s comments, which clearly supported Prof. Johansson’s views. The fact that the BBC was trying to publicly `trick’ their own reporter has raised many questions about its `independence’, in particular when one considers that the BBC is now `selling’ its programmes to the mobile phone networks!! Anyone NOT making the connection must be very naive.

Tom also conveniently forgot to mention  Prof. Henry Lai’s statements. As senior reporter for Panorama between 1976 and.2003,. I am surprised he does not remember the one hour long `Panorama’ many years ago at the beginning of the mobile phone boom, featuring Prof. Lai, Research Professor at the Dept. of Bioengineering, University of Washington, who previously had undertaken research for a well known mobile phone company. He publicised his findings, which showed  DNA strand breaks in the brain of laboratory animals due to pulsed microwaves. It was some years ago now, but if I remember it right, this resulted in Prof. Lai losing his funding and Panorama revealed that an `internal’ email from the mobile phone company  suggested” to get rid of him”.

Meanwhile Prof. Lai has told his story on the net but it is very strange that Tom not only forgot to mention the interview with Prof. Lai during the recent Panorama programme so much slated by him, he also disregards the interview with the Chair of the HPA Sir William Stewart and Dr. Ian Gibson MP, Cancer specialist and previous chair of the Committee for Science and Technology. Maybe Mr Mangold thinks that the opinions of Prof. Lai, Sir William  and Dr Ian Gibson are `unscientific’ and of no consequence.  From his accounts I can only assume that he hasn’t actually watched the whole programme or maybe he thinks that he knows better, in which case it’s a blessing Mr Mangold no longer works for Panorama.

I remember the statement made during a Panorama programme investigating Seroxat ( or was it the sugar industry?):. “Industry captures its own scientists” .  Journalists are just as useful, if not more so, where public opinion is concerned. In a world where so few stand up for the truth I thank God for reporters like Paul Kenyon and Geoffrey Lean!



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