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Dear Mr. Truscott:   Dr. Kyong H. Nam has appealed, on behalf of himself and his family as well as citizens of Tsawwassen, for statements of others who have researched EMF pollution from high voltage powerlines as well as those who have personal knowledge re adverse health changes as result of being in the unfortunate position of also having transmission lines close to their property.  
My qualifications are those of a non-accredited EMF researcher with over 15 years' experience particularly re studying all aspects of toxic EMF pollution with an emphasis on harmful health effects. 
[See the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Library and Information Services' website ( ) that clearly lists Electromagnetic Fields under the caption "Hazardous Substances." ]
Additionally, I am highly qualified to speak on behalf of those who fear for their safety both now as result of the chronic, prolonged exposure to the existing 138 kv overhead powerline that goes through 150 residential backyard rights'-of-way, as well as to appeal on behalf of these same citizens' very realistic fears that their lives will be further complicated if the upgrade to 230 kv overhead powerlines is allowed to go forward. 
One of the reasons I am so-qualified has to do with my over 15 years of research and the facts supporting "causation" that I have accumulated for my book titled "Inflammation and EMF/EMR" which will be co-authored by the highly respected, very prestigous scientist, Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson, from the Karolinska Institute. 
Dr. Nam has indicated your office has received supportive documentation -- medical journal articles and information based on various studies re EMF's.  Rather than citing those references, I urge you to review that information in conjunction with my appeal as well as appeals others have furnished regarding this very serious issue. 
I will, however, provide information that pertains to the extremely painful, frightening, expensive journey our family has endured for over 30 years.  Given more time, I could come up with many additional "bad adjectives" to describe the horrors of having two high voltage lines forced upon us with the blessings of our U.S. City -- Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and by the predecessors of the transmission company, "Great River Energy!!!"
Only 50 ft. on the boulevard in front of our house (we were on the property 15 years before the lines went through and have never been able to afford to relocate), are a 69 kv high voltage transmission line and a 230 kv transmission line!!!
Initially when the lines were installed, while I/we were afraid as to what the "constant buzzing sound" might mean insofar as representing harm emanating from the wires on the ugly, monstrous poles, we did not have the knowledge necessary to identify all of the strange and unusual symptoms I and my family experienced as being related to what is now often referred to as "dirty electricity," "stray voltage," high frequencies, etc., in addition to "electric fields," "magnetic fields," "transients," "wave forms," "radio frequency radiation," etc..
Many persons living in the neighborhood when the lines went through, soon sold and moved away leaving us "in-the-dark" as to their own changing health, suspicions, etc.  Most of the homes along our rural residential road at that time were also set back 150 to 200 ft. -- "long driveways, etc.
Many years of doctoring, taking medications for high blood pressure, being given glucose tolerance tests for elevated blood sugar, medication for depression, blood clots in my legs, medications for pains of all sorts, etc., just for myself, alone, ended up with my Internist advising me to give up my job (I worked for over 17 years in various office jobs including Executive and Legal Secretarial/Legal Assistant positions) and to apply for Social Security.  I was only about 40 years old at the time.  My career plans ruined -- I had been attending the University for evening legal classes while working full-time and am also the mother of four children -- three boys and a girl. 
"The process" of applying for total disability was an experience I wouldn't want to wish on anyone not to mention the drastic decline in future income and the inability to build up any profit sharing or pension, etc.   This was a very demeaning situation for a person such as myself who had started earning my own money at the age of 12 years. 
"Bottom line" is that I have an Award for Social Security Disability that states in effect, ".....disability awarded on the basis of claimant's credibilty and in spite of the medical professions' lack of ability to assign a diagnosis for claimant's pain and suffering......"
Others in our family were suffering too although my problems were the most persistent and even life-threatening because EMF's (unknown to me at the time) were increasing the effects of any and all medications and I had developed a complete intolerance to blood-thinning medications that are typically used to prevent blood clotting. 
Since that time, I have found information to support that EMF's do interfere with blood-clotting mechanisms.   A hematologist at the University of Minnesota was consulted and my Internist was informed that "....this is a first in medical history.....!!!"   We were all unaware of the EMF situation tho.
Looking back on those events and combining the occurences with knowledge and data I have acquired over the years, it is apparent that the reason why larger groups of persons were not reporting similar problems with words such as "unusual, rare, etc.," is that most homes are not in such close proximity to high voltage lines -- within 50 ft. of the lines as in our case.
The EMF RAPID Report also makes such a statement in regard to a very low percentage of homes located so close -- within 50 ft. -- of a transmission right-of-way!!!
Regardless of actual "milligauss readings," the issue of "chronic, prolonged exposure" is not being given the serious consideration the matter requires by the ICNIRP, WHO, or the "buried EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report (has never been presented to Congress -- confirmed link to immune deficiency and childhood Leukemia at levels as low as 2.0 milligauss).
The research I have done over the more than 15 years' of study, confirms that EMF's are toxic.  See above reference re toxic exposures/hazardous exposures on the NIEHS site.  The Class 2B carcinogen status that currently exists re low levels of EMF exposure (meaning "possible carcinogen") is woefully lacking in specificity when compared to the overwhelming evidence that exists to support the connection to especially Leukemia and brain cancer!!!
Certainly if "the powers that be" (including your Environmental Assessment Office), would give serious consideration to potential harmful changes due to sleeping every night of one's life -- women and children appear to be "the most vulnerable" although men definitely do not escape the wrath of this "cumulative, toxic pollution" -- and apply some "common sense" to the issue, it soon becomes apparent that even very low doses of such chronic, prolonged exposure during what should be "restorative sleep time" -- circadian rhythm/hormones, etc. -- is capable of producing many adverse health effects.  It would be abundantly clear that "ZERO" is a "safe limit" for setting standards re milligauss readings!!!    [Adverse health changes include everything all the way from poor sleep to cancer.]
You can't define "a safe limit" for "a toxic agent" that thereby is capable of promoting cancer!!!
Having said that, I would like to add that by the time we realized that our health problems (numerous by then -- I have a 3-page list of rare and unusual health symptoms and problems for our family) were more likely than not [more than the 51% proof required for litigation in a Civil Case] -- CAUSED BY our living so close to the two high voltage powerlines!!!
It so happens that milligauss readings when checked back in the late 1980's, were usually less than 2.0 milligauss (a number not to be too concerned about according to the power company).  SO, here we were with me on total disability AND yet milligauss readings were as low as 1.5 mg to 2.0 mg at the time I began keeping records (two very sick grandsons also created new awareness at that time).........
My husband and I were taking care of two infant/toddler grandsons at the time I mention above.  They were diagnosed with "VERY RARE" immune deficiencies!!!   Their cells were "aging!!"  We were told they may develop Leukemia.   We were asked if children had died in the family!!!   The Immunologist admitted he new about mice and EMF's and that the mice developed immune deficiency as result.  The doctor did not tell us that he sent the boys' blood to an EMF researcher -- but "he did!!!"
Fortunately I learned a whole lot about the dangers of low level EMF's "real quick!!!"   We stopped caring for the boys in our home......we moved their beds away from walls opposite electric meters.   They improved and gradually got well!!!   The facts surrounding our two grandsons are documented proof that EMF's are responsible for their life-threatening blood changes!!!
Due to my anger with our U.S. Government, the power company, lack of ability to find anyone in the media to care that our grandsons had immune deficiencies said to be "rare" and that had "no name," etc., I decided to study guinea pigs with similar exposure. 
Blood studies before exposure on the guinea pigs were "normal."  One out of each set of two died within 30 days' of exposure.  Guinea pigs typically live no less than 3-5 years.....  The guinea pigs developed severe neutropenia, lymphocytosis and "hypersegmented neutrophils" (which I have since learned are MARKERS FOR IRRADIATION)!!!!  Surviving guinea pigs lived on with blood tests confirming "improvement" after lowering their exposure levels -- AND "the amount of chronic, prolonged exposure" -- not just the "milligauss readings themselves........"
As you know, the 2002 EMF California Report has linked brain cancer, Leukemia, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage to levels as low as 4.0 milligauss.   If someone has "chronic, prolonged exposure, night after night when their body is trying to restore hormones, etc., even if the level would be 1.0 mg, 2.0 mg, 3.0 mg instead of 4.0 mg, "the cumulative effect" -- or "common sense" takes away any argument as to whether exposure of 4.0 mg or below might be considered "a possible safe level"   Again, this is "impossible," since EMF's are TOXIC!!!!
THEREFORE, the measurements reported by Dr. Kyong Nam and other residents of Tsawwassen being in the range of 25.0 to 50.0 milligauss "in houses" is completely "outrageous" and downright "criminal!!!" 
It should interest you to know also that almost no studies exist regarding blood changes in conjunction with low level EMF/EMR exposures.  One of the most important studies is written in Russian and closely correlates with findings re my guinea pigs and, in fact, also re my grandsons.  We are in the midst of "major scientific fraudulent activity!!!"
The medical profession knows full well that when X-ray technicians need to be followed re possible "over-exposure concerns" due to "radiation," their white blood cell counts are checked.   Low levels of neutrophils ("neutropenia" as in my guinea pig's tests) and changes in lymphocytes, are indicative of "over-exposure" and precautions are then taken. 
You have been informed that many of the studies are flawed even tho there are actually many studies that do find "positive association/results" re low level EMF's.  The word "inconclusive" is often used.    Scientists live in fear of losing funding IF they produce results that are confirmatory.  Governments claim they "...don't want to panic the people..."  
The American Cancer Society, back in 1993, provided copies of an article from "USA Today" recommending persons move electric appliances away from close proximity to beds.  I believe the Canadian Cancer Society actually does have some information on their site to this effect although not nearly enough is being done to reduce what I often refer to as "an avoidable healthcare crisis!!!"
The publication that was prepared by the utilities' communications' experts (here in the U.S.) with a date of 2001, was "taken out-of-print" almost immediately.  The booklet suggests persons learn about EMF's and "take action that is appropriate for them...."  (not verbatim).
I can tell you that the citizens of Tsawwassen have "learned about EMF's" -- that knowledge is "first-hand" in the capacity of caring parents who are struggling to raise healthy children.  They are all victims of "big money," "big power" and their rights have been taken away.   They are "human guinea pigs, " "human experiments" -- without "informed consent!!!"
To further burden these already "over-exposed citizens" with transmission lines capable of carrying even larger loads, is, in my opinion "unconscionable" and literally strips innocent persons of their civil rights.......    Please help to prevent this needless tragedy!!!
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