Betreff: Too many bush scandals
Von: "D. Cinelli"
Datum: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 23:14:38 -0500

Too many bush scandals to go into separately:

Investing in War: Carlyle Group Profits from Government and Conflict
The Center for Public Integrity, Nov. 18, 2004

New Army Chief is Carlyle Man
San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 19, 2004

Bush's Ancestor's Bank Seized by Government
Associated Press, Oct. 18, 2003

Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed
New Hampshire Gazette, Oct. 10, 2003

Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951: Federal Documents
New Hampshire Gazette, Nov. 7, 2003

Heir to the Holocaust: Prescott Bush, $1.5 Million and Auschwitz
Clamor Magazine, May/June 2002

The BCCI Affair
Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Dec. 1992

Liberated Kuwait: Rape, Reprisal and Repression
San Francisco Bay Guardian, Sept. 9, 1992

Why the Gulf War was not in the National Interest
The Atlantic Monthly, July 1991,

Bush's Night of the Long Knives
The Guardian/, Nov. 17, 2004

The Hidden History of America's War on Iraq
Synthesis/Regeneration, Winter 2003

The Barreling Bushes
Los Angeles Times, Jan. 11, 2004

The Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush
Kevin Phillips interview,, Jan. 4, 2004

Bush's Brother Has Contract to Help Chinese Chip Maker
Los Angeles Times, Nov. 27, 2003

Consultant On Iraq Contracts Employed President's Brother
Financial Times, Nov. 27, 2003

All in the Profiteering First Family
Prince George's Journal, Feb. 23, 2004

American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush,

The Family That Preys Together
Covert Action Quarterly, Summer 1992

Father and Grandfather Bush
The Art of Deception, 2004

Bush's Texas: Dark Heart of the American Dream
The Observer, June 16, 2002

The Bush Family Saga
The Oregon Coast News-Signal, Nov. 6, 2002

Bush, Inc., Aug. 21, 2003

Bush Family Values
Mother Jones, Sept/Oct 1992

Bush Secret Effort Helped Iraq Build Its War Machine
Los Angeles Times, March 23, 1992

Iraqgate: Confession and Coverup, May/June 1995

The Candidate From Brown and Root
The Texas Observer, Oct. 6, 2000

The Enemy Within
The Observer, Oct. 27, 2002

Carlyle's Way
Red Herring, Dec. 11, 2001

[Carlyle Group] Gets Fat on War
The Guardian, March 23, 2003

Crony Capitalism Goes Global
The Nation, April 1, 2002

Gitmo Trials Continue Despite Court Ruling
The New Standard, Nov. 18, 2004

The Bush Dynasty's Dark Magic, Jan. 27, 2004

Bin Laden Money Flow Leads to Midland, Texas
In These Times, October 2001

Spies Hide as Bank of England Faces BCCI Charges
Observer, Jan. 19, 2003

Funding Terror: The Role of Saudi Banks
In These Times, Dec. 20, 2002

White House Connection: Saudi 'Agents' Close Bush Friends
Boston Herald, Dec. 11, 2001

US Ties to Saudi Elite May be Hurting War on Terrorism
Boston Herald, Dec. 10, 2001

Bush Advisers Cashed in on Saudi Gravy Train
Boston Herald, Dec. 11, 2001

Terrorists, Dollars and a Tangled Web, Sept. 24, 2001

The Contractors: Bechtel and Bin Laden
The New Yorker, May 5, 2003

Ex-U.S. Official Says CIA Aided Baathists
Reuters, April 20, 2003

Rumsfeld's $9 Billion Slush Fund, Oct. 10, 2003

The CIA Goes Corporate, Nov. 4, 2003

Assassins R Us
TomDispatch, the Nation Institute, Nov. 16, 2003

Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 1993

The BCCI Affair: Matters for Further Investigation
Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Dec. 1992

Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in Time of War Despite Use of Gas
New York Times, Aug. 18, 2002

Iraqgate: Confession and Coverup, May/June 1995

Wackenhut: Inside the Shadow CIA
Spy Magazine, Sept. 1992

Firewall: Inside the Iran-Contra Coverup, 1997

Gulf War Crimes, May 15, 2000

Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the Bush Oil Team
Centre for Research on Globalisation, March 23, 2002

Sun Myung Moon, North Korea and the Bushes, Oct. 11, 2000

Rev. Moon, the Bushes and Donald Rumsfeld, Jan. 3, 2001

The Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Hooking George Bush, 1997 archives

The Bush Family Oligarchy, Aug. 14, 2000

George H.W. Bush, the CIA and a Case of State Terrorism, Sept. 23, 2000

The Bush Dynasty and the Cuban Criminals
The Guaridan, Dec. 2, 2002

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