Betreff: To Beekeepers from the UK
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Datum: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:27:57 EDT

I thought you might find this of interest.  The folk in Scotland are having a pretty
rough ride.  How does it compare to where you are?
Please circulate Marion's email as she wants it broadcast far and wide.
I back this to the hilt as I know what Marion is experiencing.
 I was in a TETRA hot spot last Summer, which created a ground wave 
pulsing at 11. something Hz (one frequency away from what the Americans
 were exposed to in their embassy inMoscow way back, I am told)
TETRA is very dangerous and runs close to the TV frequencies here. If you
have Airwave TETRA in your country you will notice the difference sooner
rather than later.
The effects are instant and the symptoms are something else because the
emissions pulse at 17.66Hz on the brain messaging system frequencies.
When TETRA mixes with other technologies such as 2G/ 3G, Wifi etc other
secondary frequencies come into play (don't ask me how! ) and many of
them are in the lower frequencies i.e. TETRA and Wifi produces secondry
frequencies of 12 to 15 Hz. I experiences this from January till March and
I was breathless, sometimes couldn't breathe and have been known to
collapse. I also could not think straight, talk straight and was totally
discoordinated mentally when in the line of fire.
When there was the 11. something Hz frequency in my former home I had
two TETRA lines of emission pulsing at 17.66Hz, one harmonic line of
TETRA pulsing at 20.16 Hz (both on the beta brainwave) and also 2 x 3G
and 1 x 2G passing through most areas of the flat.
I suffered the feeling of being plugged into the electricity supply, I woke 3
times paralysed and unable to move and/or breathe. I had to will my body
to work.
There was also deep depression which came and went suddenly, nightmares,
waking hallucinations, some paranoia, and constant pain and discomfort.
I rarely slept for more that 20- 30 mins at a time. I lost the ability to
react mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually at times and had the
most awful concentration and memory problems. I did not know myself
and my husband didn't know me.
He was also affected, although not sensitive and became cold and bad
tempered - something he has never been in his life. He had terrible
nightmares and never had them before.
We are both fine now and enjoying being almost ourselves again.
When I look back I realise that this technology changes you without
you noticing!

Dear fellow beekeepers,                                                          


I  received a couple a newspaper articles yesterday regarding cell phones and the possible connection to the collapse of colonies.    I think the time is now right for me to make my own fears more widely known based on my personal experience of the past year.


Please bear with me, I need to explain the background before I come to the point in order to make my story easier to follow.


Those of you who know me will know that for some time I have been a little upset by 'wind turbines'.    It was through this that I made my disturbing discovery.   I was studying the effects that infrasound can have on people living near to wind-farms and researching into a possible reason for our vanishing geese which have over-wintered here forever, until recently.    The TETRA system used by the police etc. was trialled here in the 80s and 90s and I suspected a connection.     Much of the evidence showing possible problems was buried at the time.   A site well worth exploring is  where there is a wealth of information to be had.   I had the opportunity to borrow a simple domestic monitor in order to try and trace an infrasound within my own home which had been bothering me for some time, although Graham having a different range of hearing, did not hear it.


I will not bore you with the details but to my absolute horror and almost by accident I discovered that there was an electromagnetic ground-wave travelling over the ground from a northerly direction and microwaves were and still are coming through the walls, windows and doors along the entire northern elevation of the house.      After a lot of on the ground and internet research using a computer ( Broadband by Land line not wireless ) I traced the source of my misery to the Broadcasting Transmission Mast at Tealing in Angus.    At first I wasn't sure but a weekend's curling in Kelso confirmed it for me when I had the same experiences as at home and there in full view were both the radio and TV masts at Selkirk.    These masts are part of the new network, costing millions, you will all have seen (can't miss the bright red lights) which cover the whole country and are being converted to digital in order to give every home, whether they want it or not, wireless access to internet on their TVs and, if you have one, the new 3G telephones.    At present there is a great push to get 3G installed as there is a ’Government Target’ to be met by the end of 2007.   These masts transmit at different strengths, the one in Angus at 100KW and the one which may affect many of you at Durris, Aberdeenshire  at 500KW.   The one in Angus is 20miles in a straight line due north of my house.    That does not take into account going up-hill and down dale andyet it still comes into our home through unprotected walls.    Preventing this technology from entering your house is impossible, we have reduced it but this technology is designed to go round, up, over, down and through things and all cell phones use it.    Think about it, if it goes through bricks etc. it will certainly go through you.       The high strength of output we are receiving will almost certainly be damaging us long-term as it already is in the short-term, I know!


Like most people I assumed that cell phones, digital radio and television would travel as airwaves and you would need aerials to receive them.   Maybe the industry did not fully understand that electromagnetic technology would travel as a ground-wave even  between line of sight masts, this may be because the basic premise on which the technology is based is flawed.    Perhaps they overlooked the power of  the earth’s own magnetic force and  that of gravity.    Why are we using a technology which was designed for use in warfare and was known for being inherently dangerous to the user as well as the intended victim?     The new frequencies used for broadcasting are very close to those used by the military and they have the ability to enter water, which I expect is one of the factors affecting us as we are made up mostly of water.   The sheer volume of electro-smog out there now is compounding the  problem. 









Throughout February and most of March this year something changed.   It had been a very un-natural winter in this area anyway,  but January was an amazing month more like May.    We did a lot of outside work and began to realise we were both becoming very electrostatic, Graham began to hear the noise and feel the oscillating effects of the infrasound as well.   The noise increased making it almost impossible to sleep in spite of earplugs which only reduce the sound at best and he could hear it despite his tinnitus.    I even began to hear it outside as it was un-naturally quiet for this time of year during the day and especially at night.    I then discovered that the sound is almost certainly being made due to the conductivity of metal setting up a resonance,  it bounces off wire fences, garage doors and even gets the electric cables singing more than normal.    Interestingly our lights are brighter too but the meter is not ticking over faster.    Using metal shears while wearing my wedding ring has affected only the knuckle next to it, causing a swelling although no pain.   This happened overnight and once I was finally able to remove the ring have been totally unable to put it back on, a day or two prior to this it slipped on and off normally.    Life for us became very difficult, me in particular as I found myself waking in a high state of alarm (sometimes I felt like I was about to have a heart attack and as those of you who know me I am not that bad in the fitness department) due  to the pulsed beat of the infrasound which is close to but not quite that of the human heart.    My body was on full alert at this time.    I had to regularly get out of bed and ground myself as I was getting shocks off the bedsprings.     I also had to remove the springs from my usual chair in order to sit in comfort.     At regular intervals throughout the night we would be affected by the inner vibrations, we are not alone in this area  suffering lack of sleep and wakening at regular times.     I think this small corner of Fife is a particular hot-spot for a number of topographical reasons.      We changed, at great expense, to a memory-foam mattress (it's magic) this alleviated the problem but did not get rid of it.     I woke one night after this  feeling a shock go right through my body and out the soles of my feet - that without any metal in the bed apart from a few screws.     Something was going on that transmission was going out at such strength,  I may never know what and much worse it is possible the industry does not either.     Before Easter the pulse changed and it has done so again, this is subtle but when you have become as tuned in to it as I have you notice  immediately as it effects your body in different ways.


Environmental Services visited accompanied by a consultant from NHS Fife, acknowledged  there is a problem refused to monitor and  will do nothing more than suggest I consult my doctor which I have fully appraising him of the situation in writing, and  join a research study for cell phone usage - not much good as I don't use one.


I quickly realised that I am up a gum tree where help is concerned at a human level, so am totally committed to tripping them up with the environment, there not having been any research that I can find on the possible consequences.


 The government have made billions out of this industry,  this is well documented.     The dot com sale of frequencies in 2003  swelled the coffers of the treasury at an opportune moment, they can't admit an error and that research into the possibility of unknown consequences for the use of this dangerous technology on us and our environment was not adequately undertaken here in Britain.   There is plenty of evidence available from elsewhere in the world but this was either buried, ignored or both.    The ICNIRP  guidelines, and they are only that, for the industry did not fully take into account that the lower frequencies would affect bio systems in the way in which they are proving to do.    My personal view is that they are so flawed it would be a joke if it were not that the consequences are proving to be so serious.     If I thought the wind industry was dodgy and unregulated, except by the industry itself, it has nothing on this one and it too is GLOBAL.


My anger at this wanton lack of care for the environment and all life forms, mostly borne out of greed and ignorance,  is directed at those responsible for its well-being and therefore the health of the Nation and is my driving force.      For me this is the last straw.   Many of you will have farming connections as I do, BSE, foot and mouth and goodness knows what next, the farmer always gets the blame but they cannot lay this one at his door no matter how hard they try.      




At present I am awaiting Tessa Jowel’s response to a letter expressing my concerns to my MP Menzies Campbell which he forwarded to her for comment, or as I expect the list of internet references which they all send and which are hopelessly out of date.   

This is only one of many which I have sent to various bodies, many of whom are all too aware there are serious problems.   I don’t hold much hope as this fragmented form of government we have means no one takes responsibility for anything.   In good scots  ‘It wasne me that dun it.’ ‘I wasnae there, I was aff seeck at the time’ or ‘Ah didnae unnerstan but the mannie frae th’ innustry said it wud be ok’.


My science teacher would be proud of how much basic information he instilled considering it is somewhat over forty years since I left school.    I always understood that ground-waves were dangerous and my present research has given some information on how these waves work.


The magnetic wave carrying the information travels together with an ELECTRIC WAVE,  they oscillate together, the electric wave propelling the magnetic one in the direction required, in the case of cell phone there will be waves travelling in each direction.     World Health Organisation Fact Sheet No.205  November,1998


At last this brings me to the BEES.    For some time I have suspected a connection and initially thought it would just be the pulse producing infrasound in the hives and driving them out.    Believe me I know how awful it is!    However I had a Marie Celeste  in 2005 when the bees had fantastic forage around, hive full of capped and uncapped honey and a handful of bees it wasn’t robbed either.     This has niggled away at me as I could find no real explanation and as the forage was phacelia could not believe chemicals could really be involved.


A nearby neighbour of mine lost four of his five hives at the end of the last year, they just dwindled away not returning from their foraging trips.    I have collated a lot of information on TETRA and as it happens there are two lines crossing over his apiary, apart from many others in the district together with the broadcasting waves, this would make his foraging area rather a lottery.    The output from the Angus Mast stepped up from last March, proof hard to come by but when I put an experience I had had to a technician at OFCOM and  a senior person at National Grid Broadcasting there was a deathly hush, and information I got elsewhere reassures me I hit the target.


 Last year when still a member of the SBA Executive I helped gather information on their behalf for the survey, I could see at once, from the information coming in and the many conversations I had with other beekeepers, that there was a problem and it is geographically widespread.    My recent experiences lying in awake in bed at night, awaiting the next electric fix gave me my ‘Eureka’ thought.    Another highly plausible explanation is that quite simply our bees, like me are getting fried by the electric wave.    This will happen when they are out foraging, given what I know about the waves, and it will also be happening within the hive.    Infrasound is created by the pulsed frequency and will have the same biological effect  on bees as it does on our nervous systems and they will fall ill with viruses etc.    Either way this is the perfect murder, no body and no evidence.   Very difficult to prove in insect, bird, animal and probably even man as there would be no toxic residue or sign.    Plant life is not safe either, there are definite signs of things not being normal in one particular species of tree in this part of Scotland.   Trees seem to absorb the microwave and are probably acting as earths, rather like receiving a mini lightning strike on a regular basis.


In its most extreme form this technology could destroy buildings and other things, this is where my science master comes in, remember I was a school in the 1950s which was not that long after the war.    In time it may be that our house will start to suffer too from the sustained and unremitting assault.











There was work done in Germany with cell phones which shows the work done there some years ago.


Today I am sitting here writing this and fuming at the folly of ‘boffins’ who I wish were in their coffins. My back is prickling intensely.   This is as a result of planting my potatoes, in a deep bed, on  my hands and knees as it is easier that way.    At the same time my husband’s lower legs are suffering the same after grass-cutting, we would both be receiving exposure to an electric wave at different parts of our bodies.     To understand this look up:


As I have informed many people in high places recently, I have spent almost my entire life in the countryside first in the wilds of Africa and for many years in Scotland and never before have I felt so afraid of my environment. Or in my own home.


There is endless propaganda about climate change but what no one has the courage to say is, if you wrap most of the world (masts are on remote islands too and don’t forget satellites) in an electric blanket you must expect things to get a little warmer to say nothing of some of the other consequences.


It may be that the bee has the last laugh or I hope STING.   As quoted in a Telegraph article ‘Albert Einstein once said if the bees disappeared  “man would have only four years of life left”’.   By my reckoning unless we get a move on we haven’t got much time left given all the other problems our bees already have.


The attachment to this e.mail was sent to me from Eileen O’Connor of the Health Protection Agency it is a document she prepared in November 2006 and is very interesting, she is very happy to have this passed on to those who may find it of interest.


I am more than happy for this e.mail to be forwarded to fellow beekeepers and any other body who can help us get answers and help in trying to avert what I see as a fast approaching disaster.


Yours sincerely


Marion Lang

16th April, 2007