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Thermal Modelling of Small Birds Exposed to Microwave Radiation (2.45 GHz CW)
D. Byman, E. P. Demetri, F. E. Wasserman, S. P. Battista, T. H. Kunz
The Journal of Applied Ecology, Vol. 23, No. 2 (Aug., 1986), pp. 449-459

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(1) An analytical steady-state heat transfer model of a bird subjected to continuous wave (CW) microwave radiation (2.45 GHz) was developed. (2) The model was created from physiological and biophysical energy-exchange data from the published literature and was calibrated with the body temperature responses of restrained birds exposed to microwave irradiances of 250 and 500 W m$^{-2}$. (3) The model predicts that tolerance to microwave radiation for a bird should be positively correlated with its mass and that ambient temperature is the environmental variable that has most influence on the level of tolerance for microwave radiation. (4) Other predictions are that tolerance to microwave radiation should be dependent on ambient relative humidity at high ambient temperatures, that 2.45 GHz CW radiation is absorbed by a small bird with an average solar absorptance at approximately twice the rate that solar radiation is absorbed, and that a small change in wind speed will have considerable effect on tolerance when wind speeds are low (<10 km h$^{-1}$).


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