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Datum: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 00:38:22 EST

Being part Lakota Sioux does make me slightly different because Native Americans have retained tribal values for far longer than so called civilised societies, as have other indiginous tribes, and luckily for me, I have inherited some of it.
So I will fight for family and community values and for what is right for the people, the animal kingdom, and our environment.
I say this with humility and do not think that I am better than the next person.  It is just that I am luckier to be so attuned to all that is natural, and I have a strong spirit to defend right.
I have got to the point where I have to do something for the people in this crazy mast situation, and here is the end result. A letter to send to the Government from the people of the UK. Your chance to tell them what you think and feel.
Hopefully if there is a great wave of them flowing into government offices they will realise that we are hurting, frustrated, angry, disillusioned, concerned, and fearful for our children and our future.  MPs, councils and inspectors are showing concern, too, so please send this letter out. 
I do not expect Government to turn around but we can raise our voices in the hope of attracting more people of influence within the political spectrum.
 I am also currently sending these letters to newspapers across the UK that write about mast issues sympathetically. 
It is worth a try till we think of something better.  And we must try before too many become ill or die.  That is the stark reality.
Not only that, but animals are suffering and dying and Mother Earth is very sick.
Native American Prophesy is very clear.  The people, white, black, yellow, and red, must unite to save Mother Earth and all that dwells on her, and each colour must share the inherent knowledge of each with the others.
The role of the red people is to give knowledge of how to care for and protect Mother earth and all that dwells on her. The other colours of races have other things to reveal.
I send this out bearing the  translated name of my grandmother so that the word is spread by one of full Lakota blood.



This letter, has been designed so that your views can be seen and taken into account, if government so wishes

It can be sent to 10 Downing Street, the Cabinet Office, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, or to the House of Commons, whichever you prefer.  Please cross out any sections you do not agree with and make a personal comment if you wish to.


Tony Blair                        The Cabinet Office             ODPM                  

10 Downing Street,            70 Whitehall                 26 Whitehall             

London                                London                           London                            London

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House of Commons





I/we, as  law abiding citizen(s) of the UK, wish you to know that we are aware that links between mobile phones and phone mast installations are now established to have potential adverse effects on health, amenity, devaluation of property and possibly other unspecified but quantifiable effects. 


There is now a great weight of worldwide research and evidence proving risk and therefore we wish to condemn those Government members responsible for withholding the truth from us and for making decisions leading to the unjustified and biased situations stated below. ......










     The Stewart report did not cover Tetra in their remit, but they bravely concluded that,

            “…modulation around 16 Hz should be avoided, if possible, in future developments.”

           Later, when giving evidence to the 10th parliamentary committee of the DTI, when asked if

           the amplitude modulation around 16 Hertz was the most critical area, which posed the

           highest risk, Sir William Stewart felt it, “...was an area that should be avoided…” and

          then went on to describe Tetra as a hazard!  The conclusion of that committee was, “…we

          are very disturbed that there seems to have been no examination of the evidence on

          potentially adverse health effects  before bringing it into service...”


The Stewart report in the opinion of Mast Sanity is not an acceptable position to evaluate the safe siting of any mobile phone or Tetra base station but the Government and the operators constantly use it in their arguments, except in this instance.  If they are going to insist on accepting the conclusions of the Stewart report as the correct position then they should accept Stewart’s position of Tetra as well. The Stewart report is still used as a base position for the Government and the authorities and therefore we should use it as a base position for Tetra as well.






I/we feel very strongly about the issues not deleted from the above list and wish to see changes set in motion before the General Election if you hope to attract my/our vote.





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