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The Pole Shift has begun!
Posted By: RobDaven <Send E-Mail>
Date: Monday, 9 August 2004, 11:03 a.m.

> As most of you know, Art & I live in a northern Canadian location, far
> removed from society. The last few years have been extremely interesting for us.
> I guess it all started about 3 years ago, when the ravens started
> disappearing. The raven is the symbolic bird of the territory, and as such is protected
> by the wildlife authorities. We used to have thousands, then durring the
> spring of 2001 the birds disappeared. In 2 weeks, I counted only 5 ravens.
> Thinking it was weird that all the annoyances of the birds had disappeared, I began
> to question the native elders around town. All came up with the same
> response... "This is the first time this has happened". I began to make calls to the
> local wildlife officals about the phenomen. Ofcourse I got brushed off as a
> "freak" and had to play phone tag for a few days. Finally, I was able to talk
> to one of the biologists. She informed me that the birds do this every year
> (Though in the 4 years I had been here, I had never seen such a lack in
> birds). Apparently the birds fly to secluded area's to breed, and return when the
> young birds are able to fly. Case Closed? Nope! I waited for 3 months to see
> the return of the ravens. It never happened. Though I was able to count
> around 20 birds in a 2 or 3 week span, I was unable to find the numbers like
> before. Ofcourse, everyone thought I was crazy... especially after the local news
> rag picked up the story and blamed it on the cold winter before. Funny part
> was that the winter was nothing like the 3 previous years I had spent up here.
> So onwards in the future....

   Since that time, we have noticed plenty of abrupt changes in the weather,
as well as
> starting to see wildlife that hadn't previously been noticed in this part
> of the country. Buffalo, Deer, rare birds, etc. had all started moving north.
> Then this spring/summer things took a drastic change. The first sign was the
> extra long winter season. Usually by May everything has begun to melt and
> life starts to blossom. This year, it was well into June before we started to
> see the major shift from winter to summer. Great Slave lake, is usually totally
> thawed by the end of June. Durring our road trip on July 1st weekend, we
> stopped at the North arm rest area, and looked out to the lake, which still had
> around 2 - 3 feet of ice just under the surface of the water. When our trip
> was over, I returned to town to do some investigating.

   First off, we had experinced a phenomen that made my adams apple shiver in
my throat.
> The season flocks of geese and ducks had flown north, turned around and
> flew back down south. Then the reports started coming out that on a secluded
> island in the far arctic, that an entire herd of Muskox had been found dead. The
> offical story is that it was a "Natural phenomen". Unfortunatley, thats not
> what the local Inuit (eskimo, for you american types) have told me.
> Apparently, even farther north, the weird instances have been continuing to happen
> this year. Global warming has hit home. Even a bit farther south, Pelicans that
> have been nesting in the area for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years didn't
> show up. Edmonton (Alberta) had a flood, while those of us just north of them
> have only had 3 days of rain all season. There was a tornado in New
> Brunswick, about a week ago, in an area that hasn't seen a twister in 30 - 40 years.
> These tornado's usually touched down on the farm area where miles and miles
> of tree's have been cleared. This time it was in the middle of a small city.
> Last year, in Grim Shaw, Alberta, they experinced a phenomen of tornado's in
> an area that has never had a tornado, and the meteorologists claimed that the
> entire town "didn't really see a tornado". Calagary, Alberta had snow in
> July. Though the Northwest Territories are above the 60th parallel, we have had a
> mainly warmer summer than most of southern Canada, though our summer only
> really lasted through July.

   Something is up folks, and its about time we sat up and listened. How much
> evidence do we need? If you have experinced "freak" changes in the
> environment in your area, can you please email me at and relate
> your experince?
Pole Shift - Reader Response!!
Posted By: RobDaven <Send E-Mail>
Date: Tuesday, 10 August 2004, 4:01 p.m.

> The response from my inquiry about weird weather in other areas has netted
> me some great insight into what is really happening out there. Thanks to the
> media indoctrination of "regionalized news control" (where they separate the
> "local" news from the "national" news, and never tell us what is going on
> else where!) I wasn´t really aware that it had progressed to this point. I´
> ve had close to 100 emails regarding weather changes... this is what I have
> compiled from around the world!

  From: Steve We had 80´s in March and then did not experience warmth of
spring until
> around the second week of June; we have had more rain here than we are
> supposed to. We also last week got down to 52 overnight now we are back up to 96
> today from this weekends 72 degrees. Freak weather, the birds were going nuts
> in the spring then around fathers´ day they were gone. No birds chirping. It
> was the first year they were going nuts everyday then nothing there is
> something going on. The parts of the puzzle make no sense apart from each other
> only when we place them next to each other do we se the big picture.

   From: Andres We've seen geese flying south early, over the past week
especially, but
> even before that. This is in Grey & Bruce counties, Ontario, from Hanover
> up to Tobermory. I've heard rumors of leaves turning color, but not seen it.
> It's definitely getting cooler and people are anticipating an early autumn,
> with maybe one more heat wave in September. Most people have said they've only
> felt 5 or fewer days that have really felt like summer this year.

   From: Dave I live just north of Buffalo N.Y. and about 20 miles east of
Niagara Falls N.Y.
> and our weather has been unusually cold and rainy this summer. Normally
> this time of year our highs should be about 80 degrees, and we have had a fair
> number of days that have averaged anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees colder than
> normal. In addition, we have had a lot of rain this summer. It seems like we
> will have 3 or 4 days of rain for every one day of sunshine. I am starting to
> wonder what the winter will be like. I don't know if you have been paying
> attention to the moon, but I have noticed that some nights it seems to be way
> out of line. I remember one night in particular about a month ago I was on the
> computer at about 2:00 am and looked out the window and noticed that the moon
> looked so close that I could almost reach out and touch it. It was a kind of
> funny orange yellowish color and I could see very clearly a number of
> details on the moon. I got my binoculars out and looked at the moon with them and I
> could actually see some of the craters in the moon very clearly! But maybe
> the most amazing thing was how low the moon was and fast it set. In what
> seemed like only 15 or 20 minutes it went from for a lack of a better way of
> putting it went from about the 1oclock position to setting in just that short
> space of time. Finally, I number of people have also commented about the moons
> strange position here on rumor mill news. Well I hope this helps a little bit.

   From: Teresa Yes, it is my belief > as well, that the pole shift has
> indeed begun. I've been
   tracking weather & environmental change news, space news, animal/wildlife
> and related tidbits for the past 4-5 years. Every year we have more records
> broken: bigger and more catastrophic floods, droughts, natural disasters
> (and of course disease/blight goes hand in hand with these)....each year gets
> measurably worse. Indeed, the news articles to be found become more disturbing
> with each passing month. Any information that I have are most
> welcomed to it, in your efforts to "sound the alarm," so to
> information is voluminous. In our particular area, we've seen strange bird
> behavior and weather patterns, as well. During the beginnings of spring, the local
> wild bird populations clustered around humanity in such force and magnitude
> that it is hard to describe. A few weeks ago, they'd all but disappeared. We
> get the occasional wren, blackbird & blue jay but they are few and far
> robins, chickadees....gone I don't know where. Additionally, the birds
> while they were here were nothing short of brazen. Wild birds coming to
> within a few feet of the humans and screeching purposefully for several minutes
> before flying off as quickly as they had arrived...only to be replaced by
> another. The birds are unsettled and acting completely atypical. I can think of
> only a few (related) reasons why this would be. As for the weather, I believe
> that during the month of June we had only 1 or 2 rain-free days. This is
> HIGHLY unusual. I have extensive gardens on our property...the plants were
> drowning in conditions they are not used to for our area. Disease has been a
> rampant scourge for the local vegetation. A neighbor of mine helps/runs a local
> historic farm. They grow TONS of produce there....this year, they lost 200 of
> their heirloom tomato plants (of I believe 500 plants). None of the traditional
> anti-fungal has worked. The weather has also been much more tepid than the
> norm. We had a very short rash of bad tornadic activity ....since then, not
> much to speak of. Only a handful of truly hot days, of those were an unusual
> percentage of days in the danger range prompting alerts for those who had to be
> out in it. On a related note, I've spoken with other growers/gardeners
> around out town....I'm not the only one whose plants have strangely reached their
> maturity a full month before it's time. Many days the air has the smell of
> fall to it. Many of us around here are expecting an early and very hard winter,
> though we know summer is not finished yet. Odd, is not an adequate enough
> word. At any rate, there you have a very brief rundown of what we've personally
> seen around here. I can point you to other testimonies (bulletin board
> conversations) around the internet, if you wish it. Also, as I mentioned...I've
> gathered quite a bit of materials related to these "anomalies" in our natural
> environment. If you are interested, I would be pleased to copy these over to
> someone (you & others) who might be able to sound the alarm, and perhaps also
> wake a few folks up.

  From: Penni I've been in Northwest Mississippi, going on 26 years. During
those Years,
> we've had maybe a couple of summers where hurricanes and such kept the
> temps tolerable. But by and large temps normally head into the 90's and stay
> there in mid June, flirt with the hundred degree mark in July, and in August can
> be counted on to abruptly end the flirtation with the mercury passing the
> hundred mark for at least a week or two or three, with night time temps in the
> 80 plus range...... This year, however, there aren't any hurricanes. The Forth
> of July celebrations happened on a day that maybe hit 83 degrees. Since
> then, we've had a few days of semi-normal temps and my long-haired cat who's
> usually down to so little fur that he's embarrassed to be seen, FINALLY started
> shedding his winter coat last week. So far, we´ve had no prolonged heat wave,
> no passing of the hundred-degree mark. It's August...and on this past
> Saturday night the nighttime temperature dipped to 55 degrees (I slept under a down
> comforter). And, although I haven't checked, I have an uncanny feeling that
> instead of the usual temps exceeding the predicted highs for the day, which
> they're often falling short. If someone had dropped me into town, taken all the
> road signs and tell-tale indications (kudzu, pick-up trucks, catfish, and
> humidity) that I was in Dixie away....I'd swear I was in Ohio. Or Pennsylvania.
> But, this is summer in Mississippi...everyone is supposed to be greeting
> each other with the traditional "hot 'nuff for you?" The natives are beginning
> to get disoriented, and edgy....southern culture is not prepared to deal with
> cool August sir, no ma'am!'s been a lovely summer - I
> feel like I've spent it on holiday, without having to leave home. From: Jack
> I'm responding to your RMN invitation to comment about Earth anomalies. I
> moved to southern Australia in '99. From my vantage point, and on several
> occasions, I have observed the southern celestial pole out of position including
> The Crux constellation twice appearing as though it was 'compressed'
> northwards into the Zodiac, and simultaneously being an additional 5 degrees off the
> horizon. This of course suggests that the Earth is experiencing a gentle
> rocking motion. In regards wildlife, I originally built rabbit-proof fences to
> keep the little bastards out of my vegetable garden. That and a sling shot
> worked fine to keep them away. Now, and for the past 18 months up until the other
> day I have not sighted ANY rabbits; I saw one only about a week ago. The
> locals already think I'm some sort of a crazy Yank so I make a habit not to ask
> anyone anything anymore, but I did break that habit the other day and asked an
> old gal about the disappeared rabbits. She commented that it might be the
> calcivirus that land owners are using which may have poisoned them off.
> Calcivirus has never before managed to wipe them out completely, and when I pointed
> out to her that the land owners and Shire in my area do not spread the poison
> and yet the rabbits have disappeared, she had no answer. I have no answer
> either and I do not know if this is something pertinent to Earth changes or a
> blessing. From: Mike I'm in southern Ontario (west end of lake Ontario) and
> there have DEFINATLEY been changes around here the past year or 2. You already
> know about the general climactic ones, but in addition the cloud cover is
> about twice what it normally is. Birds, while there are a few around, are
> nowhere near the quantity they have been in the past. I have also seen several
> species in mid-city (cardinals, blue jays, red-tail hawks) that usually remain in
> the rural or wooded areas. Squirrels have all but disappeared, but we did
> have a black bear prowling downtown dundass (a subdivision of hamilton) a few
> weeks ago. Also coyotes are on the increase--coyotes and bears in the
> Hamilton-Toronto corridor??--I DONT THINK SO. I have also personally heard
> rattlesnake (s)? along the bruce trail, but the generally go no further south than
> wiarton. Thats a 5-hour drive north of here. Ambitios little snakes ;-) Insects
> seem to be on the decline--I've had no problems with ants, grubs, snails--the
> usual garden pests--this year, although instead of having to eliminate one or
> 2 hornets nests I've lost count, and they were building right into late
> july.

   From: Devin I read your post about the disappearing Ravens-very strange! I
don't know if
> this is a strange occurance, but I live in So. California/L.A. and while
> driving on the fwy one morning (there were several mornings of this happening)I
> saw blackbirds and pigeons fly in 'formation' in between cars going approx.
> between 40-60 mph. I have never seen this ever in all my years driving on
> calif. fwys! It was so weird because the birds appeared to be 'indentifying'
> with the 'direction of the cars', NOT other birds. They stayed low and flew at
> the same velocity of the cars, keeping pace. Usually, if a pidgeon or any
> other bird happens to fly onto a fwy in the thick of cars, they immediately fly
> up and go to the grassy foliage/bushes on the side and then fly away. This did
> not happen, they just kept flying in formation 'with the cars' - it appeared
> that the birds were seeking a flight pattern and 'direction' (at least to
> me). Motorcyclists could not move up/go faster between a car because the
> bird(s) (about 1 bird in between 2 cars) were in their way-they did not change this
> flying pattern for about 20-25 minutes. Maybe other drivers see this on a
> regular basis, however, it looked very odd.

   From: Aster After several years of dought conditions where we almost did
not have
> enough water in our since about the first of June we are having
> a rainstorm about every day. It is really nice because we have plenty of
> water, wild flowers, etc and it is nice and warm all day and then the coolness
> of the rain shower with thunder and lightning comes in. Now,... we are in the
> corrider of the tornadoes. This is the tiny beginnings of those that sweep
> over Oklahoma and Texas (we don't get them) but this is a different kind of
> Summer...although we are enjoying it. We are looking forward to a different
> winter though. The likelyhood of a hard winter may be imminent. there will be no
> getting out of here if that happens. We will be stockiing up on food and
> heating supplies and getting to work will be impossible. In the previous winters
> we had a lull between the storms where we could get out to town and work so
> am trusting that will happen again. Well that certaintly clears it up for me.
> I will be doing another indepth article in the next few days with all the
> other responses I have recieved (this is just a small number of email I
> received!!!!). Rob Daven