Betreff: The People Speak
Von: Dances Alone
Datum: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 07:17:08 EDT


I  have always said it would take the power of the people to change things and here you see it happen in a district of Liverpool under the directorship of Dr Tom Bolton and his lovely Bev.


This group fought Orange mobile phone company all the way when they wanted to put a mast in the local church tower.  The people were so magnificent in their responses and vigilance that Orange had to sneak  into the church under the pretext of checking out an installed but not operating 2G mast to turn on – so the vicar said. I think this must have been a year ago or maybe longer.


For a very long time now these people have prevented Orange from installing a 3G mast as well but suddenly Orange struck and the people rallied to Tom’s call…………..AND WON!


This is what people need to do to make their views known…….but peacefully and within the law. Sheer numbers can do it.


My thanks to Tom and Bev for sharing the information about their

continuing success so that others might be inspired to help their own areas.


They are special friends and lovely people who are always helping children and their community as well as helping others to help themselves with their courses and books.


Check out their website


Dances Alone


P.S. I will send you scanned headlines of the local news coverage


The People Speak




On Sunday 15th April at 9 am a large mobile crane and several other vehicles and crews including body guards/bouncers contracted by Orange phone company arrived at Manor Church Centre to upgrade a 2G Mast and to install the more powerful 3G equipment.


MEMAG your local appointed Action Group had found out about this and had alerted you all by posting leaflet through your doors. .  Thankfully even at such a short notice  60 wonderful local people joined together outside Manor Church  to protest and prevent this installation taking place. After several attempts to be allowed to install the upgrade, At 12.30 Orange contractors, crew and bouncers, gave up and left,  without being able to put their equipment into the Tower.


We extend our thanks to those families members including people of all ages and children for their concern and dedication for attending and thereby helping keep our neighbourhood free from further increased microwave radiation. We applaud you. You are the Hero’s and you have proven that local people can make their views known and can stop a giant company from going against the wishes of the majority of people.


We would also like to thank Leah Fraser our local counsellor for her continued support and for  attending and joining in with us. We would also like to thank our local police who attended and for the excellent way that they efficiently policed  this legal peaceful protest. 


We would ask that if you were unable for some reason to  attend this time,  that if this happens again and it probably will,  PLEASE join your neighbours and your friends and come together outside the Manor Church, Manor Road, to make a stand to show that we the people don’t like being forced or subjected to our homes being bombarded with radiation.  We have no objection to using cell phones sensibly, that is a persons own choice. We realise that masts are required,  but in safe places,  not right in the middle of our community and within 500 metres of our homes.  


We were told on Sunday by  local people who attended the protest that there has been an alarming rate of increases in cancers that have occurred suddenly since the 2G mast has been switched on in Manor Church over a year ago.


One lady who lives in the house right opposite the church tower and who was well when we spoke to her early in 2006, and who then told us that she didn’t believe there was any health risk being right opposite the Mast,  recently died of Cancer.  A lady who attended Sunday’s protest and who was perfectly well until some months ago tells us that she has suddenly become ill with cancer and for no  obvious reason.   We at MEMAG are just local people like yourselves who are concerned for the welfare of our children families and are asking for Orange to remove the present Mast and do not attempt to upgrade it.  PLEASE, PLEASE if and when the next attempt occurs to install and we notify you PLEASE like your neighbours did last Sunday, give a few minutes of your time to join together outside the Manor Church and prevent any installation  taking place. 


Here we admit that we cannot definitely be sure that the Mast is to blame for the cases of cancer mentioned above and several others that have happened since this mast was put in the Manor Church Tower.  But we can say, that there are hundreds of similar reports worldwide of clusters of cancers suddenly appearing in areas were people live close to these none ionising microwave transmitting masts. This seems too much of a co-incidence doesn’t it? There are also many experts and scientist now cautioning against masts being put near schools, hospitals and residential areas, but the phone companies seem more interested in putting up more and more and don’t care about were they are situated.   Until they are proven to be harmless we feel that they should  be situated away from residential areas were families and young children live. They don’t need to be so close to homes do they?  WE SAY TO ORANGE. SWITCH OFF AND REMOVE YOUR MICROWAVE MAST FROM MANOR CHURCH TOWER AND NEVER  AGAIN ATTEMPT TO INSTALL ANY MORE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT IN OUR AREA.