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Von: mastsicknessUK
Datum: Thu, 10 May 2007 06:26:16 EDT


Thanks for the info on TETRA. Could you give me some more basic
information - or direct me to a site - on TETRA? I have heard a lot
about it and gather that it is unique to the UK but am not clear on
the details.

Kind regards,


Dear Paul,
It was unique to the UK but I believe that other countries are having Airwave TETRA now. The info I
got from Airwave was that they supply TETRA in other countries, but whether it is the same I do not
know.  A Spanish company took over Airwave TETRA a while back and it is rumoured it will be offered
out again.
I enclose as attachment the report for the police federation with a further report to follow
Websites for TETRA


I searched for 02 Airwave TETRA in google and came up with a lot of info. TETRA may be further

afield than we think. I only got to link 11 when the dial-up resisted!  This is what I found


02 Airwave



Norway and Denmark may have Airwave TETRA


Maybe Turkey?


I am not sure if “Sepura” is the same as Airwave TETRA but lots of countries

have it and Motorola do the handsets for Airwave TETRA




Media reports,39024677,11034667,00.htm




Interesting website