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Von: Örjan Hallberg
Datum: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:07:51 +0200

9 years ago I red a notice about reduced melatonin leading to increased body length of children. Then I looked at the length developmen of Swedish men 18 years old. See:
We have had increasing cancer incidence since mid 1950s and the body length has also been increasing. Certainly a good production of melatonin during sleep at night is an important factor here.
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Robert:   The "chronic, prolonged exposure" also to electric items close to beds (some telephone equipment) re our grandsons as well as my husband's prior diagnosis of Alzheimers, supports what you are saying.....
Also, in my situation of being diagnosed with "pre-senile dementia" many years ago, I started taking melatonin (by coincidence).  I later moved out of my bed that had a gas meter located behind head of my bed (outside of house). 
Re the children -- close to electric meters, their "natural production of melatonin" was most likely restored when their beds were moved across the room.   Take care  -   Joanne
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