Betreff: Testimony before Congress re EMF/EMR toxicity
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Senator Reid
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Joanne C. Mueller
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55448-2127

April 12, 2007

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Dear Senator Reid: The EMF Interagency Committee Report (2000) has never
been presented to Congress.

I am a non-accredited EMF researcher with over 15 years' as an EMF
activist, researcher, victim and more.

Attempts to contact Senator Hillary Clinton have proven to be all but
impossible! I know that Senator Clinton is on the Special Committee on
Aging and is also an Alzheimers' Assoc. Advisory Board Task Force Member.

My email to another member of the Task Force can be located by clicking
on: Alzheimers isn't the only health problem related to chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures. Sleeping close to electrical items and some telephone equipment may cause every health problem from poor quality sleep to cancer. My testimony before Congress is necessary to help stem the "EMF tsunami!!!" Thanks for any help you are able to provide in accomplishing this mission........Joanne Joanne C. Mueller, Guinea Pigs R Us, 731 - 123rd Ave. NW, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448...Phone: Sincerely, Joanne C. Mueller 763-755-6114 This message has been verified by CapwizXC as authentic and sent by this individual. Authentication ID: [h6953AJT]