Betreff: Test on Police Station Tetra Mast
Von: Mast Network
Datum: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 05:41:37 EST

Saw this on BBC UK Online 3rd December 2004

A new radio system at a south Wales police station has been tested after three officers and two civilian staff complained of feeling unwell.

The Tetra radio communication system has prompted protests from communities opposed to the masts.

02 Airwave said tests showed signal emissions at Barry were 1,600 times below health and safety guidelines.

Both Airwave and South Wales Police said there was no evidence the system was linked to the staff's ill health.

Two of Wales four forces in Wales are using the new radio system which makes communication more secure and gives them greater coverage.

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There is no evidence to support claims of ill health in relation to masts or handsets

02 Airwave

The Tetra system is expected to be fully up and running across the UK by spring 2005.

However the programme to provide a network of Tetra

masts has met with opposition from people who claim the masts can make people ill.

The Chairman of the Police Federation in south Wales told BBC Wales that five staff members had complained of severe headaches, disrupted sleep patterns and dizziness.

Inspector David Hathway said: " Within south Wales we have had a number of officers in the Barry area who expressed concern that they felt unwell when they became aware that a Tetra mast was operating from that location.

"Obviously, those complaints will be part of the investigation as to the possible adverse effects of the use of this radio equipment."