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The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal

Part 2:

The Revolution Will Be Webcast!

by Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder and Chair

Now hear this: Any sign that the election has been stolen again, and we
are calling for a complete walkout, civil disobedience, complete refusal
and the shutting down of the system, per the Grand Refusal (see here or
below this essay).

What are the TRIGGERS, what "election" events will trigger the Grand
Refusal? The following list is by no means exhaustive. The Bush regime
may very well alter their approach to stealing the election this time.
But, this is a list that will guide us.

If any of these events occur in great number or even if one occurs to a
significant, result-altering effect, we are calling for a complete

That means, do not go to work. Do not shop beyond what you need to
survive (food, beverages, medicine, etc.), do not participate in
consumer events, sporting events, avoid all mass media and stay tuned to
the WEB.
The Revolution will NOT be TELEVISED, it will be WEBCAST!

Watch the web, the webring of revolution sites, for news and tactical
issues. This webring is under construction, but will be in place for the
"election." The CLG will be in the ring.

If the following or similar events take place and the election is stolen
because of it, the Revolution, the Grand Refusal, must take place.

If we do not do it, they have nothing to fear from us, ever again. Our
rights will be gone. This is a very pivotal situation for our system of
One more coup and we are done for!

1) Reports of significant amounts voters in key precincts and states
having been purged unduly from the voting rolls.

2) Reports of voter intimidation, poll closures, changed or moving
polling places.

3) Reports of 'butterfly-ballot-like' spoilage of votes.

4) Reports of over-vote spoilage (as in Florida's mostly Democratic
counties in 2000).

5) Evidence or signs of Diebold or other vote-counting machine
manipulation, tampering, fixing, etc.

6) Serious discrepancies between pre-election and/or exit polling and
"election" results favoring Bush.

7) Sudden turn-arounds in results in favor of the Dictator (such as took
place for Florida in 2000 when Bush's cousin John Ellis at Faux reversed
networks' consensus and overturned their predictions).

8) Reports and evidence of "bourgeois riots" or other means of
intimidation to disrupt vote counting (as in Miami Dade in 2000).

9) "Terrorist" warnings and threat level increases in key races to
either prevent voters from voting or to reduce turnout (a formula for
Republican "victory"--as warnings by Ridge and other administration
officials presage).

10) Judicial interventions to stop vote counting, stop voting, stop the
real results from being registered, tabulated or COUNTED (as in the
Supreme Court decision of 2000).

11) Cancellation or "postponement" of the election (in general or in

Any one or a combination of these and other events could trigger the
By Revolution, we do not mean violence.
We mean a TURNING OVER, a complete turning over, of control.

The Real Revolution was against the people and the Constitution and took
place in 2000 and continues to this day.

The next Revolution must be a counter to that coup,
and a recapturing, or a capturing for the first time, of our rights. How
long will we stay out?
As long as it takes to have a real election!!

All 9-11 activists please take note!!!
All crimes of the former regime will be investigated upon gaining
control of the state.
Bush will be investigated and most likely tried for high crimes,
including mass murders in the US and Iraq.

Stay tuned for more details and ideas.
Most people who read this idea are for it.
It is nonviolent, it is activist, it is workable.
It worked in India for Gandhi and his followers,
and it can work here.
We have no other choice. Remember, as Bush himself said, "Fool me once,
shame on...shame on me. Fool me...Won't Get Fooled again!"

Michael Rectenwald
July 21, 2004

Citizens For Legitimate Government

If you missed Part One of 'The Grand Refusal,' here it is again:

"Counterterrorism officials" are talking of "postponing" the upcoming
elections. Postponing the November elections, they say, might be
necessary if there is a terrorist attack at election time. The option is
being denied by Rice and other Bush administration officials, but
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge warned last week that Osama bin
Laden's al-Qaeda network may attack within the USA to try to disrupt the

Regardless, Homeland Security, and DeForest B. Soaries Jr., chairman of
the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, have already disrupted the
Soaries, who was hired to help localities improve their voting systems,
may be doing more to drive voters from the polls. Low voter turnout
happens to be the formula for a Republican "victory."
And, such terrorism warnings make us think more about terrorism than
regime change.

But let the administration take heed: we fear nothing more than this
regime itself!

And we are really afraid that the potential loss by Bush may occasion an
We are not saying how the attack and the polls might be connected; we
are not pointing fingers.
But, as Republican strategists debate the possibility like something
they themselves are considering for their party's success, we cannot
help but wonder:
just who, if anyone, is considering/planning/promoting this 'attack?'

Regardless, a postponed election, or the playing the fear factor for low
voter turnout, are acts of terrorism in themselves.

We are already being attacked.
This warning is yet another in a series of attacks on our rights,
on our democratic system, on our freedom, and on our self-determination.

A postponed election, or what is far more likely, one conducted under
the surveillance of military and police posted at polling places and
along routes to polling places, will amount to intimidation and the
abrogation of voting rights, at the very least, and the complete loss of
any semblance of democracy, at the worst.

Our Response?

In 1964, Malcolm X posed the question to the government:
'The Ballot or the Bullet."' Without representation, Malcolm roared,
rather than "I have a dream," the racist, antidemocratic government
might expect to hear instead, "I have a rifle!" Today, we might make the
same clarion call to arms.

Yet, while purely passive resistance will be utterly ineffectual, the
condition of red or orange 'alert' will allow resistance to be
classified as 'terrorism,' with militants facing imprisonment without
charges, or worse. Today, perhaps like yesterday, the call to arms would
be sheer suicide.

Under such circumstances, should officials attempt to cancel or inject
fear into the elections, the only possible solution is the Grand

The Grand Refusal was Herbert Marcuse's term for the complete rejection
of the techno-military government and the whole gambit of repressive
state and ideological apparatuses.
Unlike other Frankfurt School theorists, Marcuse had a pragmatic side,
and suggested, under inspiration from the sixties revolts, the notion of
a complete refusal of the system.

The refusal would begin on the planned election day, and last for for as
long as necessary.
On election day, this would mean showing up at polling places ready to
vote, and demanding access to the ballot.
It would be demanding the vote with our feet, until the vote with the
ballot is granted.
It would mean, for many voters, intimidation, but a refusal to succumb
to fear.

Thus, the Grand Refusal will be first and foremost a refusal of the
election postponement or curtailment, and a demand to vote.
This will be a decentralized refusal and demonstration by hundreds of
millions of registered voters: Democrats, Greens, Independents, and
Republicans alike.

All are asked to refuse the fear tactics, and all are welcomed in the
refusal. The election is not a partisan issue.
It's the democratic process itself.

Thus, all true patriots must thus take part in the voter turnout
demonstration, and continue to refuse until the election is undertaken.
This process will be a massive refusal, but also, it will be a great
lesson in democracy and freedom.

The refusal will mean more than this if voters turn out for an election
that does not take place.
The Grand Refusal would then mean, among other things: massive walkouts,
demonstrations, the refusal to participate in the system at large.

It would mean the continual voting with our feet by refusing to
participate in a politico-economic system that does not deem us worthy
of representation, regardless of its appeals to our so-called 'safety.'

The only way to affect the system will be a continuing refusal to work,
to be 'entertained,' and to consume at 'normal' levels. We would live by
our wits, have courage, and shut the system down that refuses us.
In any case, the claims to protect us will be proven false by their
police brutality against us, when we refuse to acknowledge a danger that
has no known source, other than the government.

To you who listen to the fearmongers, and prefer your work and your
"safety" to your freedom and democracy, I give you the words of Samuel
Adams, who wrote in 1776:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which
feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget
that ye were our countrymen.

But in any case, the claims to protect us will be betrayed by their
brutality against us, and the wealth is all theirs in the end.

We refuse to hear them and heed the call to abjure our rights.

All who have courage will stand up, walk out, and refuse to listen to
them, refuse their media, refuse their consolation prizes, refuse their
guilt, refuse their lies, refuse their tyranny, and refuse their fake

So which will it be, oh "Homeland Security," police, election
commissioner, Bush, Cheney, media mouthpieces, liars, one and all?

Will it be the ballot, or the Grand Refusal (and the bullet)?

All the bullets will be your own, not ours, although we paid for them.

You may shoot us with the dollars you robbed from us, just as you have
the Iraqis.

You may kill us with our lost wages and services.

But we will not be betrayed by a government supposedly intent on
"protecting" us, and your slaughter of us will prove you to be complete

But even this lie we refuse.

Michael Rectenwald
July 13, 2004

Citizens For Legitimate Government

Copyright  2004, Michael Rectenwald  All rights reserved.

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