Betreff: Calls and Faxes Needed to Stop Lawless Logging Biscuit Rider
Datum: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:28:04 -0800

From: "Katie Regan" <>
Subject: Call and Faxes Needed to Stop Lawless Logging Biscuit Rider
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 18:56:26 -0500
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To:       All Activists

From:   American Lands Alliance

Date:    November 15, 2004

Call and Faxes Needed to Stop Lawless Logging Biscuit Rider

Congress is back in session this week.  Congressional staff are 
continuing to negotiate on many of the must-pass spending bills that 
were not completed before Congress left.  With a large amount of 
unfinished work Congress is aiming to combine all spending bills into 
one big bill, an omnibus.  Of critical importance to our National 
Forests is the Interior Appropriations bill, which funds the Forest 

Calls and faxes are still needed throughout this week to stop Senator 
Smith (R-OR) from attaching a rider to the omnibus bill that would 
exempt the Biscuit post-fire timber sale, the largest logging project 
in modern history, from judicial review.  If Senator Smith gets his 
way citizens will not be allowed to challenge any of the Biscuit 
post-fire logging activity in court, even if the project violates 
current environmental laws.  Ancient forest stands and roadless areas 
will be sacrificed as the Forest Service intends to log 370 million 
board feet, enough to fill 74,000 logging trucks. The Biscuit sale is 
located in the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area on the Siskiyou National 
Forest in Southern Oregon known for its world-class biodiversity, 
pristine rivers and extraordinary recreation opportunities.

TAKE ACTION:  Please call and/or fax your Senators and 
Representatives to help stop Senator Smith's attempts to legislate 
the largest logging project in modern history behind closed doors.

CALLS:  Please call your Senators and Representative's DC offices at 
1-202-224-3121 (capitol switchboard).  Once you are connected to the 
office, ask for the staff that works on National Forest/Environmental 
issues.  Tell them that you:

Oppose efforts by Senator Gordon Smith to attach his Lawless Logging 
Rider on the omnibus spending bill that would bar citizens from 
holding the Forest Service accountable for their actions in court and 
override environmental protection laws.

FAXES:  Please also send a fax to your Representative and Senators 
(see sample letter below).  To find the fax/email number for your 
Representative go to: 
To find the fax/email number for Senators go to:

Sample Fax Letter:

Dear Representative/Senator X (fill in name):

I am writing to ask you to oppose attempts by Senator Gordon Smith
(R-OR) to attach an extreme legislative rider on the omnibus spending
bill, which would override existing environmental laws and prohibit
judicial review in order to legislate the largest timber sale in
modern history -- the Biscuit post-fire logging project on the
Siskiyou National Forest. Senator Smith's rider is intended to
override the current judicial process that is underway by stripping
away all forest and river protection laws for the Siskiyou Wild
Rivers Area in Southern Oregon and slamming shut the courtroom doors
to citizens, leaving roadless areas, ancient forest reserves, wild
and scenic rivers and salmon runs at risk of being destroyed by
logging and roadbuilding.

Senator Smith's rider would allow logging of over 8,000 acres covered
by the Roadless Area Conservation Rule and would allow logging in old
growth reserves -- designated for the protection of old-growth
forests, wildlife habitat and biological diversity. Independent
analysis has shown the Biscuit Project would cost taxpayers well over
$40 million, wasting taxpayer money on logging the backcountry
instead of protecting homes and communities from wildfire.

Even government agencies - EPA and the Fish and Wildlife Service -
along with independent scientists with expertise in satellite
mapping, soils, forest ecology, fisheries management, and restoration
have found that: the project will likely increase fire risks in the
Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area for up to 30 years; extensive logging as
proposed by the Forest Service will retard the regeneration of
old-growth forests; excessive sediment flowing into streams from
roads and fire lines will likely choke critical fish spawning areas;
and as much as forty percent of the units mapped for logging contain
live trees.

With five National Wild and Scenic Rivers, the Siskiyou Wild Rivers
Area is one of the best remaining refuges for wild native salmon and
steelhead left on the Pacific coast. The rivers and streams that
could be severely damaged by the logging proposal support 27 unique
runs of at-risk anadromous fish, including Coho salmon, spring and
fall Chinook salmon, winter and summer steelhead, coastal cutthroat
trout, green sturgeon, white sturgeon, and Pacific lamprey. The
Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon contain a wealth of other significant
ecological values, including a distinctive and diverse geology,
unparalleled botanical richness, numerous endemic and highly
restricted plant species, unique flora and fauna habitat,
unparalleled recreation opportunities, and clean water.

Please help block Senator Smith's attempts behind closed doors to
attach this extreme legislative rider to the omnibus spending bill.


Your Name


State, City, Zip

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