Betreff: Scientists debate radiation effects --"prudent avoidance" needed now....!!!"
Datum: Fri, 4 May 2007 00:02:10 EDT

University of Wisconsin website regarding ionizing radiation  (access info below small portion of the website copied below)...  
Over 100 years and scientists still do not agree re effects of ionizing radiation!!!  
Humans, birds and bees --  and, "the children," can't afford to be sleeping close to electrical items and some telephone equipment at night.   Taking this part of the EMF/EMR debate seriously will help lead to dealing with decisions regarding cellular antennae, high voltage powerlines, WiFi, etc. 
If action can be taken in time to "save the bees," I assume "the children" will then have more than four years to live???   The children are "the world's future!!!"    The potential adverse effects of "close, bedtime exposures" on children constitute "assault."   If any parent or caretaker were to deliberately cause the inability to focus, concentrate and learn, the headaches, depression, chronic asthma, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections, chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, etc. that are linked to "chronic, prolonged bedtime EMF/EMR exposures (let alone Leukemia, brain cancer and other cancers), they would most certainly be deprived of custody and, in fact, would most likely be sentenced to prison!!!   We can not allow this form of torture to persist!!!!  
How will we ever be able to prove effects of the more distant exposures such as celluar antennae, radio towers, powerlines, if immediate measures aren't taken regarding "low dose, chronic, prolonged, nighttime exposures?"    We have studies and knowledge of effects of reduced melatonin.  We know low level EMF/EMR reduces melatonin levels.   We also know that increased melatonin levels correlate with reduced EMF/EMR exposures.   My files "are bulging" with information to suport the link to "chronic inflammation" and low level EMF/EMR!!!!"    White blood cell changes vary but can be expected to occur in some form whether exposure is low level ionizing radiation or low level non-ionizing radiation (EMF/EMR)......
Widespread public notification and action by citizens, should help "open doors" for the sort of straightforward, honest studies proposed by Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson.  The world can't afford "business as usual" with goverment and industry placing pressure on scientists to not find answers!!!
I believe there is more than enough evidence to begin announcing "prudent avoidance measures" re close, bedtime exposures now!!!  Joanne
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"How much is too much?
How dangerous is ionizing radiation? You'd think, after 110 years of experimenting with radiation, that scientists could give us a straight answer. Nobody doubts the danger of huge doses, which kill blood stem cells in bone marrow. This "acute radiation sickness" killed some people at Hiroshima and Chernobyl. Nobody doubts that moderate doses can damage dividing cells, cause cancer, or harm genes, causing birth defects.........."    [access info re webpage below  -- emphasis added by jcm 4-30-07...]