Betreff: RF theory by Dr. Robert Kane....incl history...mechanisms..thermal issue
Datum: Fri, 25 May 2007 21:57:21 EDT

To All:   The following website contains valuable history re increasing RF, comments re mechanisms and much more:
I have copied below just the first couple of paragraphs of this important work based on indepedent scientific research:

The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists provide this forum, which is comprised of independent scientific researchers and other individuals dedicated to disseminating the findings of published research. Each takes an active role in performing investigative research and/or reporting the biological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields with respect to humans and the environment.

Through this site we present, in terms suitable for the general public, the information provided in the extensive scientific literature base that is relevant to the issue of radiofrequency radiation and other electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure hazards. Statements made herein are based on published scientific reports that, generally, have been ignored by the media and unpublicized by the telecommunication and power industries..........     [ see link above to view entire website...VIP facts....jcm...5-25-07....]

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Because this website contains so much important information in addition to Dr. Kane's hypothesis re increasing RF exposures with explanations as to why such toxic exposure may be related to large increases in numbers of autism diagnoses (as of 2004), I have copied Dr. Kane's theory re autism in a separate email.       Take care  -  Joanne

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