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First, thanks Klaus for directing me to Joanne's letter.  I appreciate star.mail tremendously.  This lady has expressed the problem exactly as it occurs.

Thank you Joanne for helping Mr. Fitzpatrick and the public become aware of the most important cause of illness in the United States.  Incidentally, we discovered 35 mG in our grandson's bunk bed next to the power wall with the meter outside.  The Utility could only find 4 mG.  Then he discovered that his meter would only measure 60 Hz, what a crime!  Then we found similar (up to 50 mG on our living room floor radiating from the Utility Neutral Wire connected to our plumbing and causing increased heart rate and blood pressure).

Thanks for stating it so clearly!

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Dear Dr. Hillman:     Thank you for your kind words regarding "my mission!"   You are highly respected amongst EMF activists and your own work continues to be an inspiration to me and others.  


As you say, the utilities are taking an active role in downplaying concerns regarding electric meter placements.  


Several years ago, I notified the Board of Directors for Great River Energy in Elk River, Minnesota, regarding the need to remove electric meters from homes.  I also advised them that "ambient milligauss readings" in our home often exceed 10.0 milligauss (50 ft. from two high voltage lines -- one 69 kv and one 230 kv).   I retain a dated, signed copy of the certified mail in my files.  My letter has never been acknowledged.  I consider such neglect and disregard for the well-being of humans and animals to be  "criminal negligence."  


I have a couple of letters from former Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch acknowledging my concern that electric meters and electric appliances should contain warnings re the need to provide distance between such items and beds.   While Mr. Hatch did agree to some extent, he suggested I contact the U.S. Attorney General. 


When Oprah Winfrey featured the new houses that were built on "Angel Street" in Houston, for some of the Hurricane Katrina survivors, I was shocked to see electric meters were mounted to the outside of the bedroom walls intended for use by children.   After viewing a crib in that exact location (against "powerwall"), I wrote to the Oprah Show expressing my concerns.   I have never received a response to that email nor to other pleas for help re informing the public about other bedroom EMF/EMR exposures.   


Klaus is doing an excellent job of "getting the word out!"   I believe his hard work and dedication are primary factors toward breaking down "barriers of silence" around-the-world!!!


Best wishes and take care  -   I hope your grandson is doing well........    Joanne


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